Monday, November 1, 2010

Paloma and the orange peel

It has been a long journey following Paloma Faith from her debut single, "Stone Cold Sober", through to "Smoke & Mirrors", the fifth and final release from her first longplayer, "Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?".

Finally, we can reveal the video she lensed for her latest platter. It remained on YouTube with the ability to embed it disabled. Nice promotional campaign, Sony! Anyway, with it freely available to post now that the single, as expected, flopped miserably, here it is in all its British seaside comedic glory.

Now Paloma has set her sights on her sophomore set. Rightly so! At least she appears to have a shitload of backing from the label to which she is signed.

With her currently touring the UK to rapturous audiences, she is premiering new material. Here's one of the best, so far. It's called "Me And My Cellulite".

Although it is camp, it's a terrific song which nicely blends her the torchy art-deco shapes of her debut elpee and some retro disco elements without being a full on dance record. It's only one song, but I wouldn't bet against Paloma having a massive follow-up album.

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