Friday, November 19, 2010

Kylie's arcade

Kylie Minogue does not waste a precious moment of promotional momentum. Hot on the heels of her star turn with Taio Cruz on his new single, "Higher", Kylie pops out her own video for "Better Than Today". In case you haven't been paying attention - If you haven't. Why not? - it is Lady Minogue's third single from her current longplayer, "Aphrodite".

The video contains numerous recognizable images lifted from across the spectrum of pop culture. In fact, it's a melange of mixed media including references to Pac-Man, Daft Punk and Rocky Horror. She even has a gaggle of glam rock chicks wearing feathered frocks!

Watch Kylie whip her hair back and forth!

Surely, this is a foreshadowing of Kylie's forthoming Les Folies tour. She is such a petite kitten! N'est-ce pas? So lovable.


  1. it's all Kylie all the time! She was exquisite on Children in Need on Friday night :)

  2. Some are complaining that this is just a performance clip, but really, has Kylie ever looked more radiant than she has this year? I could watch her forever. Song is catchy too!

  3. @ countpopula....
    I totally agree with you! Let's call 2010 the year of RADIANT KYLIE! Seriously, all three videos so far were/are beautiful, exquisite, delicate....some of these atributes you don't get to see so often these days in most popstars...except for ROBYN! :)
    Besides, KYLIE were stunning at most of all the TV presentations she made so far...
    Personally, I think Better Than Today it's a great choice for a single...I expect to see Can't Beat the Feeling as final fourth though!

  4. Tom in Portsmouth, NH (USA)November 21, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    Vinny, you asked the question, "If you haven't (been paying attention to Kylie Minogue), Why not?". And then xolondon replied, "BORING!". Well, finally someone said what I've been wanting to say—but have been afraid of incurring the wrath of millions of blog readers around the globe. Kylie's a little boring. I know, I know...EVERYBODY loves Kylie! She's a goddess, she's a princess, she's a beauty. Okay, maybe she can sing (and yes, I do like some of remixes of the new single) but, to my ear, she often sounds like she's been breathing helium! And that's a little annoying. But the fact that everybody just bows down to this woman brings out the rebel in me, I suppose, and I don't want to jump on the bandwagon myself. It seems like there's an infinite number of artists out there who are making more interesting music these days, and some of them deserve a bit of the attention that is heaped non-stop on Kylie Minogue. There...I said it.

  5. Another obvious reference is Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (the smiling daisies).

  6. @Tom in Portsmouth, NH (USA) - Your response is EXACTLY the type I enjoy. Honest and not afraid to take it on the chin if people disagree.

    I don't find the Kylie boring. It's merely predictable. But, in her defense, this album is about "fun Kylie". Light, fluffy, pop tunes. I don't think anyone ever really expected her to be terribly deep. And not all pop music should be.

    And lastly, everyone who loves pop music must know that it's not about how well one sings. Kylie CAN sing. She's not a perfect vocal talent. However, once again, that's not what pop ever promised to deliver. It's about the mix of music, personality, star quality, production, media and million other special things.

    One more thing. Pop is meant to polarize on some level. So, you fall into the mix perfectly. You spoke your mind. And there are people that will agree and disagree with you to varying degrees.

    Thank you. You made me very happy with your comment. This kind of correspondence moves the conversation along.

  7. New hot remix by Monarchy on "Better Than Today" song: