Saturday, November 20, 2010

leave your cornflakes in your freezers

We are only about 48 hours away from the grand reveal for the new single from The Human League. "Night People" and its attendant vid clip will debut on ver League's official website on Monday morning.

In the meantime, the album version of "Night People" has hit the interwebs! Let's sneak a little listen.

It's like the missing link between "The Sound Of The Crowd" and "Empire State Human".

The "Night People" chant is infectious. The lyrics, robotically delivered on top of a slightly militaristic track, are seriously bizarre. Phil Oakey's ominous vocal tones tower over the track. Suzanne and Joanne deliver their lines in counterpoint with Phil in the verses in some sort of dueling shopping list of commands for the dancing masses. The song trails out with a completely different chorus coda which lifts everything into an arms akimbo moment.

It's the unmistakable sound of The Human League! "Night People" will be available on Monday, November 22. "Credo", its parent longplayer, will hit the "shops" early next year. Huzzah!


  1. Bang on, Sir!! I heard some definite HL MKI DNA in this track and I for one, am very excited about this musical development. They lyrics are as seriously wonky as the pre-"Dare" tracks that Phil used to grace with the likes of "mushrooms growing from your back, feeding some damn carrion bird!" This definitely sounds like the moment that almost didn't happen between "Travelogue" and "Dare," save for the "Boys + Girls" single. And even that one didn't feature Suzanne and Joanne.

    Well, done, O' League of Humans!

  2. Make my mind spin thinking that maybe with the Ware/Oakey truce of earlier this year, there might be hope that a collabo might someday happen. The world needs an electronic supergroup - only fitting if its one populated with Human League and Heaven 17 - you can even throw in Elly or even Allison for good measure!

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