Thursday, November 4, 2010

big soul

Undoubtedly, Cee Lo Green has a top notch, old skool soul album on his hands with "The Lady Killer". Without sounding like a pastiche, he wraps his unique, husky rasp around a clutch of retro tracks and delivers them with gusto.

"It's OK", the Motown inspired second single from his forthcoming solo longplayer, is another tale of lost love. This time it's much less acerbic than his previous platter, "Fuck You", which is still nestled comfortably inside the top 10 of the UK singles chart. Those Brits are classy!

Not sure the literal lyrical list will work the same wonders as it did for its predecessor. No matter though, it sure is fun to follow along. All it's missing is a bouncing ball.

By the way, doesn't our cheeky chap sound like Al Green? Smokin'!

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