Wednesday, November 10, 2010

now that's what I call music

It seems like it's been a very long time between albums for the mighty Duran Duran. However, a quick look at the calendar will reveal that it has only been three years since their last meisterwerk, "Red Carpet Massacre".

Yes, you read that correctly. Although, many people have slagged off that particular beat heavy longplayer, I believe it's quite special. It's a Duran elpee for the 21st century groove. Great songs. Inventive. On the cusp of something more interesting.

Shitty promotion was handled expertly by Epic, the label from which the lads have extricated themselves. Let's face it, children. "Nite-Runner" should have been the first single.

Now? A new album. "All You Need Is Now" will be their thirteenth longplayer in 30 years. Yikes! That reminds me. I must get some hydrating lotion for my the delicate wrinkles around the corners of my eyes. I prefer the ones with soothing botanicals, natch.

Produced by knob twiddler of the moment, Mark Ronson, "All You Need Is Now" will hit iTunes in its downloadable configuration on December 21. Huzzah!

Physical configurations of the elpee, including a CD and some limited edition versions replete with nifty packaging, will be available in February. With all design elements being overseen by Lord Nicholas Of Rhodes, I bet cash money some of those special editions will be pricey!

Undoubtedly, now that they are free from the shackles imposed by "the suits", "All You Need Is Now" will appear on Duran Duran's own label. Let's hope it lives up to its hype.


  1. Tom in Portsmouth, NH (USA)November 10, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    Vinny, this sounds very promising indeed! Especially the part about being produced by Mark Ronson. I actually know very little about him, but I assume this is the same Mark Ronson who just released "Somebody To Love Me" with Boy George? I adore that song!

  2. @Tom in Portsmouth, NH - You assume correctly! He is the same person who just released "Somebody To Love Me". Rumor has it that Mark Ronson will be producing the new Culture Club album, as well.

  3. Wow! You, my friend, are the sole Durannie [and I know LOTS] who can say anything good about RCM!! Keep in mind the person typing this has his promo cage box of "Liberty" signed by Czar Nicholas!!! Harder core Duran fans than even myself have warned me off RCM in the strongest of language. Should I give it a spin from the used bins that still sport a CD player to review?

  4. @postpunkmonk - Yes. I say that with certainty. You should pick up "RCM". If "the fans" had not bee told of Mssrs. Timbaland and Timberlake being involved, I suspect they would've embraced it with open arms.

    There is some super clever stuff going on in there from a production aspect and a lyrical standpoint. Simon at his most obtuse, at times.

    It's edgy. It's Timbaland's production with songs attached. An effective hybrid. I think there was a bit of music snobbery going on among the fans.

    "RCH" is not DD's best work. It's not their most seamless effort either. But it surely shows a band still at the top of their game as well as one that isn't afraid to step out on the ledge and take some chances.

  5. I just can't get into RCH. Everytime I listen to it I just think - are these the cast of tracks from a Nelly Furtado session? Yes that is cruel, but Timbaland and Justin Timberlake tend to impose themselves quite heavily on the people they work with (read that as the Madonna song sucked) and I just don't here Duran Duran on RCH. I am a bit weary of Mark "yeah that was me DJ'ing Upstairs at Studio 54 to the bridge and tunnel crowd in 2000" Ronson, but he seems well suited to rehab his heroes and it should go well.

  6. My wife pointed out that DD keep me interested via the psychological technique of intermittent reinforcement; sometimes they succeed [Rio, Notorious, Wedding Album], other times [Ragged Tiger, Liberty, Thank You] they fail. If it were always one way or the other, I might get bored.

  7. @postpunkmonk - Your wife is a wise woman.

  8. Vinny,
    Your comments to Postpunmonk were spot on!
    RCM isn't perfect, but it's actually one of my favourite of their recent outputs, for exactly the reasons you cite.
    DD started, in their own words, as a hybrid of Chic, Bowie, Roxy and Punk, and the RCM Hybrid of chunkyfunky Timba-beats, Lord Roger of Taylors Still thumping basslines, the jitteriest guitars since the boys stopped sprinkling the bolivian on their cornflakes and a Le Bon who was no longer *trying* to be anything other than Le Bon both lyrically and vocally made for an album that - whisper it - is waaay better than "7 and the roxy tribute band" or whatever it was called.

    Though Notorious - the meisterwerk in my book - still pees all over it.

    All that said, I can NOT wait for AYNIN, and the accompanying concerts. I may be getting so old that the AHA acids in my wrinkle cream actually sizzle when they hit the skin, but I still get a little teen tingle at the thought.

    And isnt that what pop is for?

  9. OMG MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE. I am so excited for the new Duran Duran disc! It's going to be phenomenal! I am paying top dollar to see them live, cuz I know they are gonna hit Los Angeles.

    "Falling Down" is AMAZEBALLS. Believe it.