Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wilde life

Kim Wilde is a lovely creature. Happy to have her amongst the "pop"ulation once again.

On November 19, she will release "Real Life", the second single from her current longplayer, "Come Out And Play".

While we wait for the video to be produced to perfection, Kim stopped by one of Germany's most popular programs to perform an acoustic version of her latest platter.

She is a charming thing, indeed! Glad to see her trademark pout is still in place.


  1. loving a bit of the kim. i shamed myself in a quiz recently when i couldn't name the famous daughter of 60s pop star Marty Wilde. What is wrong with me?!

  2. Kim Wilde has an album out??!

  3. Hi to all, unfortunately, this single may be simply canceled!
    The date of 19 November deleted beheaded on the sales site
    We look for explanations on the forum to wilde-life and know what really happened.
    Stay tuned, but thank you for your interest in our Love Blonde.

  4. @JP.M - That would be a shame if they withdrew the single.

  5. I have yet to locate this album and that worries me. My Amazon order went backordered until they canceled it, and then I guess I forgot to try and re-order it. Still, in 2010, it should not be this hard to get a Kim Wilde cd. :(

  6. @Moogaboo - That is quite peculiar that you aren't able to secure a copy of KW's new CD. I didn't have a problem getting it through Amazon.

    Sadly, I suspect the new album is not doing the business Sony expected it to. I believe the new single, "Real Life", may be been cancelled.

    Sad faces for all!