Monday, September 30, 2013

loose change

Alison Moyet is about to release the stuttering staccato of "Changeling" as the next single from her current, glorious longplayer, "The Minutes".

It's a strange choice for a single. Perhaps I should clarify. It's a bold statement. The perfect single to showcase Alf's edgier, more synth driven direction with collaborator and knob twiddler extraordinaire Guy Sigsworth.

But, if memory serves me correctly, wasn't this the first track from the album? That's what I find so odd about the choice of single. It was already the first taste we got of her daring, much welcomed direction. In these digital days, I guess it doesn't matter which song is the teaser track or an official single.

Anyway, she looks fierce in the clip. Dressed in a black neoprene number which gives her a slightly futuristic appearance, she stands defiantly against a backdrop of kaleidoscopic city scenes, her herky jerky motions adding an air of anxiety.

"Changeling" will hit the "shops" on October 14.

a perfect example

Barely done with the promotion for "Love Is A Bourgeois Construct", Pet Shop Boys launch right into their next single, "Thursday", which features a rap by Example, the UK's latest lyrical Jesse James.

For some reason, ver Boys didn't lens a video for their previous single. But they've decided to splash a little cash on one for their current platter. And this time, they actually appear in it. Shot in Shanghai, the clip premiered on the interwebs today.

"Thursday" was screaming to be a single right out the gate and is certainly a major highlight of "Electric", their twelfth longplayer.

It will hit the "shops" on November 4 and will be available as a digital download, CD single and 12". The download and CD will feature the radio edit of the title track, as well as two brand new, non album b-sides - "No More Ballads" and "Odd Man Out". The digital configurations will also include a version of "Thursday" reswizzled by Tensnake. The 12" single will feature the album version alongside remixes by Tensnake and Eddie Amador.

So far, I have been nonplussed by the remixes of previous singles from "Electric". While the album is a spectacular high water mark for Neil and Chris, the remixes have left little to be desired.

Monday, September 23, 2013


With the recently completed promotion cycle for "Make Me Believe In Hope" squarely in the rearview, Bright Light Bright Light has already started looking forward toward the follow up to his magnificent, debut longplayer. London based, Welsh born tunesmith Rod Thomas returns with a brand new track and it's another gorgeous gem.

"An Open Heart", a glittering and throbbing slice of electronic pop, will feature on the forthcoming four-track EP, "In Your Care", and it premiered on the interwebs today. Take a listen.

Bright Light Bright Light - An Open Heart by brightlightx2

"In Your Care" will hit the "shops" on November 25.

Monday, September 16, 2013

the swing of things

On October 18, Robbie Williams will be back in the swing of things with his brand new longplayer, "Swings Both Ways". He's a cheeky lad! It's a frothy melange of covers and originals which are sure to bring a smile to your face and swivel to your wrist.

Not sure why RW has decided to return to the well a second time. His most recent longplayer, "Take The Crown", was favorably received. However, it almost feels like he's treading on the past glories of his immensely popular platter, "Swing When You're Winning", from 2001. Still, the new album looks like loadsafun even if I can't stand the sight of Michael Bublé who joins Mr. Williams for a duet. I'll be skipping through that track, thank you very much.

You'll be able to choose from two colorful varieties of the elpee. There is the standard version which includes thirteen tracks. Then, if you prefer a full calorie serving of Robbie, you can splash your cash on the deluxe edition which features sixteen tunes and four bonus videos.

Here's a little preview of what you can expect.

As you will note, there are a few guest stars in the ranks including Olly Murs, Lily Allen, the previously mentioned Mr. Bublé, the overwrought and overrated Kelly Clarkson, as as the wit and wisdom of Rufus Wainright. Oh, that Robbie is such a gay baiter. Still, Rufus is an inspired choice of duet partners. Additionally, some of the originals have been written with past collaborator Guy Chambers, which would've been exciting news about ten years ago.

The following is the tracklisting for the standard version of "Swings Both Ways".

1. Shine My Shoes
2. Go Gentle
3. I Wan'na Be Like You (featuring Olly Murs)
4. Swing Supreme
5. Swings Both Ways (featuring Rufus Wainwright)
6. Dream A Little Dream (featuring Lily Allen)
7. Soda Pop (featuring Michael Bublé)
8. Snowblind
9. Puttin' On The Ritz
10. Little Green Apples (featuring Kelly Clarkson)
11. Minnie The Moocher
12. If I Only Had a Brain
13. No One Likes a Fat Pop Star

The additional tracks on the deluxified edition of the album include "Where There's Muck", "16 Tons" and "Wedding Bells". These songs feature alongside four bonus videos, one for each of the duets.

night manoeuvres

This week, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark release "Night Café", the third single from "English Electric", their current longplayer. And they've added another animated video to their arsenal of vignettes which have been developed for select tracks from the album.

This time, they've opted for something a little tongue in cheek with a references to Edward Hopper's paintings such as "Early Sunday Morning", "Automat" and the iconic "Nighthawks". A somewhat humorous thread of violence, sex and tragedy features throughout.

Andy McCluskey explains the inspiration behind the video. "I was in New York for the first time in 20 years. I was feeling melancholy. It was -9 degrees, it was dark and I was on a street corner looking into an almost empty restaurant. How could I not be reminded of Edward Hopper's paintings?"

And OMD know what their fans want. Not only does the CD single include several remixes of "Night Café", it also collects many of the non-album b-sides from previous singles and features a brand new track, "Kill Me".

While the promotion cycle for previous single, "Dresden", has been completed, you can now download the remix of it which I produced for the band. I'm making it available for a limited time. It was a thrill to be asked to reswizzle the track. As a fan from the beginning, it is a career highlight for me.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Dresden (Vinny Vero & Steve Migliore Remix) by vinnyvero

Thursday, September 12, 2013

it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it

Boy George is a survivor. His ups and downs have been documented over many column inches over the years. Sadly, for the longest time, he was relegated to being some slightly reformed junkie who spent some time in the clink. Unfairly, his tremendous talent seems to have been glossed over by the sensationalism of his troubles.

Thankfully, it seems the gender bender extraordinaire has put that all behind him. He has slimmed down. He's sporting a lovely goatee. And he's back with "This Is What I Do", his first solo longplayer in eighteen (count 'em!) years. The first single from the album is "The King Of Everything" and it's an anthemic number which showcases his Bowie influences to fine effect.

But I still wonder, as many people must, what happened to the Culture Club album for which Mark Ronson was twiddling the knobs? And where did their 30th anniversary tour disappear to? Here's a clip of them performing "The War Song", a tune which George disowned for years, making a live appearance in concert about eighteen months ago in Dubai. Listen as they incorporate "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the middle of it.

The official tracklisting for "This Is What I Do" features the following tracks.

1. King Of Everything
2. Bigger Than War
3. Live Your Life
4. My God
5. It's Easy
6. Death Of Samantha
7. Any Road
8. My Star
9. Love And Danger
10. Nice And Slow
11. Play Me
12. Feel the Vibration

The elpee will hit the "shops" on October 28.