Thursday, November 18, 2010

getting high with Taio and Kylie

Could Kylie be vying for a chart double? Hot on the heels of her next single, "Better Than Today", everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocket has lent her vocal talents to a new version of Taio Cruz's next single, "Higher".

The video for the single has been lensed and the interwebs have it in their Google dirty clutches.

Is it me or does Taio seem uncomfortable in Ms. Minogue's presence? The poor guy has zero sex appeal. He doesn't have that certain something, that twinkle, that je ne sais quoi needed to ascend the heights of superstardom. Kylie, on the other hand, oozes star quality from every pore.

After the tepid performance of Kylie's last single, "Get Outta My Way", perhaps her "people" think a star turn on Taio's new slab of wax will increase her already omnipresent profile and solidify her chances of a top ten placing on the singles charts.

Could Kylie have a US hit on her hands courtesy of this duet? The universe wonders, watches and waits.


  1. Could Kylie have a US hit on her hands courtesy of this duet?

    Unfortunately, she won't! This is the international version while the US version will feature Travie McCoy. SHAME!

  2. Is it already out? I can't fin it on iTunes Italy...

  3. @Axonthenet - It's not out yet. Soon!

  4. Ugh, Travie McCoy? Why?? This could be a US hit for her if they marketed it here. They should also consider adding it to Aphrodite as a bonus track. Pity the physical has sold so poorly here. My store has sold only 9 copies, and we sold 10 of X, which was rather a flop. Maybe Christmas will bring a few sales. What happened to her all-conquering hope for America this time around after that last US tour? Seems like most of the promotional wind has gone out of the sails here after "All the Lovers" didn't make it on mainstream radio.

    In any case, one of my suppliers is sending me a vinyl copy of the album for less than $6. That tells me it is not doing very well at all. Where the heck did all that support from the gay community go? It can't all be purchased downloads, plus why would you want that when the photos on the package are so alluring?

  5. @ countpopula...
    It is unfortunate but you can tell that times are changing when the new single from Take That could not make it to the top of the UK singles chart even though it's their reunion as a five piece single after 15 years because of Rihanna. And Take That are younger stars than KYLIE...
    I guess young people (who are the buyers of chart music these days), even young gay people, are always looking for younger's every generation way to say "hey, this girl/boy feels like me"....
    I remember back in the 80's when I was 15 and Cher returned with a bang! in 1989...I was not nearly as excited as older people were, I would prefer to listen to "MY OWN GENERATION" stars (KYLIE, KIM WILDE)...I guess the same thing applies these days...
    Young gay fellas go nuts with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ke$ha, P!nk, and so on that even though they might even like older stars, they cannot relate to them...