Wednesday, November 3, 2010

keep feeling fascination

I am utterly fascinated by "Olympia", the latest longplayer from Bryan Ferry, and its accompanying promotional campaign. It really has captured the attention of Mr. Ferry's fanbase. The use of various forms of media, along with the creativity imbued into the nearly year-long lead time, has turned the album into an experience rather than just the release of a new elpee.

For instance, some of the album's tracks have been given a bit of room to breathe through the production of some very interesting behind-the-scenes clips.

Let's take a trip into the inner sanctum of the studio where Mr. Ferry discusses his musical musings and current collabs.

I was most impressed by the use of the boy's voice from the Westminster Choir. It gives "Heartache By Numbers" an angelic sheen in the chorus. And who doesn't like Jake and Babydaddy's snarky bitchiness? All meant with love, I'm sure.

I love watching Nile Rodgers groove along with his guitar. He's got a laid back, funky kinda cool reserved for only the best musicians.

"Shameless" is scheduled to be plucked as the next single from "Olympia" with mixes from Groove Armada, Mylo, Pete Tong and more. Watch Tom Findlay from Groove Armada as he's clearly chuffed about having worked with the legendary, Bryan Ferry.

For some reason, the squiggly, high pitched keyboard line reminds me of a similar sound in "Everybody" by Madonna? Yes, kittens? You tell me.

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  1. I'm not ready to buy in to "Olympia" yet. I'm hung up on the "immersion Edition" costs but the Bryan Ferry collector in me wants/needs those remixes. There are dealers on Amazon cutting a better price than some. I can pick it up for $80 or so. How are those mixes on the bonus disc? Are they musical or mechanical? Throw me a bone here since there's no way I'm dropping a c-note for mixes as vile as those that OMD released in 1998 for their "OMD Singles" album. I popped for the US 2x12" promo set and most of those teccccch-no remixes make me want to kill the people responsible.

    By the way, my latest think piece on the elite commodification of music in the post-label era is gripping reading, if I say so myself!

    I've been ruminating on this topic mentally for some months now and it vexes me. It sorely vexes me!