Thursday, October 28, 2010


Some evenings, after a glass of wine or two, it's quite easy to find myself stuck in a YouTube k-hole. On rare occasions, such mindless web maneuvers turn up pure gold.

Last night, I had one such experience trawling through video clips on the interwebs. Apparently, about a year ago, Nick Laird-Clowes, the man with the most fabulous name in the history of pop - next to Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot (Google that shizzy, children) - emerged from the mist with a new song.

The leader of The Dream Academy premiered "Mayday" on "The Guardian" website in May 2009 and made it available for download. He even lensed a low budget video for the spry, politically bent tune.

Great to have him back! I don't know how this song avoided being picked up on my radar for so long.

"Mayday" was written with Pink Floyd powerhouse Dave Gilmour who produced TDA's debut elpee. News of a proper solo album has been floating about and it looks like the fruits of Mr. Laird-Clowes' labor will see the light of day next year. Huzzah! He's been away far too long.

As the long shadow of John Lennon's 70th birthday continues to cloak the world, it reminds me of, appropriately enough, "Love", one of The Dream Academy's last singles. In fact, the Lennon cover was the first single from their third and final longplayer, the sumptuous "A Different Kind Of Weather".

Hare krishna, ladies and gents!

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