Sunday, November 14, 2010

looking for a new direction in an old familiar way

Well, this certainly doesn't require much explanation.

Could this possibly be the most fabulous publicity photo of the year?

Exciting things abound for The Human League. Their new single, "Night People", is less than eight sleeps away, kittens. They have even lensed a video for it. It will be premiered when the countdown clock on their website winds down. Get the glitter ready!

Ver League are part of the pop lineage that follows the thread from Bowie through Roxy Music to Kraftwerk and Donna Summer. Surely their new longplayer, "Credo", has a lot to live up to. But their long pauses between albums has paid sonic dividends in the past. Silence is golden. Then, upon their return, the sound is pop magic.


  1. They don't look happy, do they?

  2. @Jams - They are The Human League. They don't smile often. Synth bands don't look cheery. Have you not read the synth band rule book?

  3. I just hope they have caught the same winds that have led some of their contemporaries to celebrate who they were to show us who they are in 2010!

  4. They are the Three's Company of Synthpop.

  5. @Cory - That is very funny. I will always remember that!