Wednesday, March 2, 2011

faith, hope and charity

Color us with curiosity! George Michael, fresh from the clink and back promoting the deluxified edition of his landmark longplayer, "Faith", has decided to record a song for this year's Comic Relief.

Always showing the best taste in covers, GM will show off his soulful pipes on a rendition of New Order's classic 1987 single, "True Faith". Sense a theme?

Released ahead of Red Nose Day which will take place on March 18, "True Faith" will be released as a single backed with an instrumental version of the track as a b-side. It will be available digitally on March 13. A CD will be released on March 14. A music video is currently being lensed.

George Michael and all the members of New Order have graciously agreed to donate all royalties from the sale of the single to Comic Relief. Let's hope George gets the poppers out for this one! Can't wait to hear it.

And now, a taste of the original.


  1. Somehow this make complete sense to me, In an even more natural way than George's take on Adamski/Seal's Killer. George's vocals could very well elevate the track.

  2. Hmmm. George Michael on the ultimate New Order song. Can't go there. Barney's vocals make the song for me. That voice saying "I feel so extraordinary" gains a gravitas and truth that will not come within spitting distance of Mr. Michael. George is too flashy a soul singer for the New Order canon. He might as well cover "The Model" and bury it under his melismatic emoting. Points for taste, though.

  3. I just clicked on the 3 minute sample from George's website. I barely lasted through 2 of those minutes. It sounds terrible. He's heavily vocoded and the lyrics are mismatched.

    It is unfortunate when he had the chance to make it something brilliant. I had looked forward to purchasing this but I'm too disappointed.

  4. Same sadly - I managed through a couple of minutes. I was expecting a 90s house-referencing-Outside-ish-style rework, not a vocoded ballad. Perhaps its a grower. Exciting news about an album and orchestral intimate tour though.

  5. I hope that the vocoded version I've just listened to isn't the definitive take we'll hear on the radio. If so, man, what a huge disappointment. I'm a fan of George but I'll pass.