Tuesday, August 31, 2010

get on yer bike

On September 19, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl follow up “Bang Bang Bang”, the spectacular lead single from their forthcoming longplayer, with "The Bike Song".

Monsieur Ronson has enlisted the vocal assistance of The View frontman, Kyle Falconer, and rapper Spank Rock for another quirky, retro number. It ditches the more manic, electronic elements of "Bang Bang Bang" and favors a slightly more organic, indie pop sound.

And, as if by magic, the video for "The Bike Song" has just crash landed. Le clip was shot in Souf London, mate. It stars his supermodel girlfriend, Josephine De La Baume, and has Mark sporting a platinum quiff while riding a bicycle. Natch! I suspect he's been getting peroxide tips from Lord Nicholas of Rhodes while twiddling the knobs on the new Duran Duran elpee.

The whole thing is very Blur meets De La Soul, n'est-ce pas?

"Record Collection" will hit the "shops" on September 27 in the UK and October 5 in the US.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweden vs. Iceland

Sweet baby jeezus! Robyn needs to put this on "Body Talk, Pt 3". It would fit nicely nuzzled alongside her other tear stained, dancefloor epics. Plz heed our call!

Doesn't she look elegant in her retro pink couture? Robyn performed "Hyperballad" at this year's Polar Music Prize in Sweden where the award was given to Björk and Italian composer, Ennio Morricone.

Now, if Björk would only rediscover the joy of melody.

partially restored faith

Finally! The tracklisting for the deluxe edition of "Faith", George Michael's amazing, debut longplayer has been revealed. If it is to be believed that this is the final rundown, mama is simultaneous thrilled and disgusted.

First, the good news. The expanded edition of "Faith" will be available in various price points. Something for every wallet or handbag. Whichever applies, ladies. There's the super pricey big box o' stuff at $147. There's a more manageable two CD configuration with a bonus DVD. Lastly, there's a down and dirty two disc set for those that only want to be aurally stimulated.

More good news. B-sides and remixes! A few curiosities, as well.

Not sure why "Fantasy", originally the b-side of "Freedom! '90" and "Waiting For That Day" in the US and UK, respectively. Same goes for "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" which made its first appearance on the b-side of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me", are included. These aren't "Faith" era releases.

Nice to have GM's live cover of Stevie Wonder's "Love's In Need Of Love Today" which was tucked away on the b-side of the 12" single for "Father Figure".

Great to see the remixes of "Monkey" finally get issued on a CD. They only ever featured on the original CD single way back in 1988. Glad to have the instrumentals of "Faith" and "Kissing A Fool" which were released as b-sides.

However, I am furious at the glaring omission of the single version of "I Want Your Sex", otherwise known as "I Want Your Sex (Rhythm 1 Lust)" which was the a-side of the original 7" single. This burns my ass. With only a paltry nine tracks on the second disc, surely they could've included the single version of it. To this day, it is only available on the soundtrack to "Beverly Hills Cop II".

Here is the full tracklisting for the newly remastered "Faith".

CD 1

Original album:

1. Faith
2. Father Figure
3. I Want Your Sex (Parts I & II]
4. One More Try
5. Hard Day
6. Hand To Mouth
7. Look At Your Hands
8. Monkey
9. Kissing A Fool
10. A Last Request (I Want Your Sex, Part III)

CD 2

Remixes, rarities and b-sides:

1. Faith (Instrumental)
2. Fantasy
3. Hard Day (Shep Pettibone Mix)
4. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
5. Kissing A Fool (Instrumental)
6. Love's In Need Of Love Today
7. Monkey (7" Edit)
8. Monkey (A Cappella)
9. Monkey (Jam And Lewis Remix)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

let's kiss and make up


The video for "Shame", the duet between Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, is a poignant number set against a backdrop of Brokeback proportions.

Robbie gives Gaz a bit of an edge in this one. Nicely done, chaps.

Is it wrong to salivate throughout this video? Don't lie! You've watched it repeatedly hoping for a snog at the end. Such is unrequited love. Le sigh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

funky leak

The first track from Jamiroquai's forthcoming, seventh longplayer,"Rock Dust Light Star", has leaked. Check out "White Knuckle Ride" before the cyber police yank it from the interwebs.

Fonky! Expect remixes from Seamus Haji, Penguin Prison and Monarchy to drop some serious dancefloor science in the weeks to follow.


I heart Lord Nicholas Of Rhodes. Duran Duran would not be the same without his arch and arty antics.

Here's an update from the keyboard wonder regarding the new album. Provisionally titled "King Of Nowhere", it should be in our Google dirty hands very shortly.

A new Duran longplayer is always an event. I'm terribly excited. May you be imbued with the euphoria of 20,000 screaming teenage girls.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This better be good, fellas!

Who thought we'd ever see Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow sharing credit on a single together? "Shame" will hit the "shops" on October 4. It's from Robbie's forthcoming, career spanning hits collection, "In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010".

The video is scheduled to premiere this Friday. I expect to be mopping up after myself or I will be sorely disappointed.

confidentially speaking

The promotional campaign for Hurts is gaining more steam by the day. Theo and Adam are pushing all the right buttons. Not only did they have the fabulous fortune and good taste to duet with Kylie Minogue on their forthcoming longplayer, "Happiness", they also recorded a cover of her seventh #2 single, "Confide In Me".

Srsly, gents. Get thee to a recording studio, ASAP! This will make a truly inspired b-side. More of this, plz. *swoon*

What started out as an enigma has grown into a full on pop extravaganza. Brooding, stylish, thoughtful and gloriously elegant.

If there's any justice in this world, "Wonderful Life" will go straight into the top 10 of the UK singles chart.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ain't that some shit?

Remember Gnarls Barkley's half-"Crazy" man? Well, Cee Lo Green is back with "Fuck You", the first, soulful, shit hot single from his forthcoming longplayer, "The Ladykiller".

No official video yet. But here's something you can sing along to. Sorry, no bouncing balls.

Luh-ving! It is made of awesome. Sounds like a seriously pissed off Al Green. A smash in the making.

The album promises to be an eclectic affair as reflected in the choice of first single, "No One's Gonna Love You", a beautiful interpretation of the Band Of Horses song. Cee-Lo's version was produced by current hot knob twiddler, Paul Epworth. Check out the emotionally charged, hippie loving vid.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stradivarius reswizzling

There has been mucho discussion and frustration over the singles campaign for Goldfrapp's latest longplayer, "Head First". Many agree that it's a fabulous album full of fire and amyl nitrate. A heady mix, club kittens.

However, despite the album having the potential to be mined for many singles, the first two, "Rocket" and "Alive", just didn't cut a swathe through the charts.

Now, with the third single, "Believer", about to drop on September 6, it seems the momentum has fizzled regardless of it being another brilliant slab of pop. Sadly, the world is being taken over by unexciting, autotuned R&B from Ne-Yo, Drake, Derulo, Cruz, et al.

While "Rocket" and "Alive" had some fabulous remixes from Richard X and Dave Audé, respectively, the reswizzled productions for "Believer" don't carry quite the same punch. That is, until you get to the last mix on the CD single by Davide Rossi.

Now THAT is what I'm talking about. More plz! Lush! Goosebumps! Heartstrings! *swoon* You can always get me with a well arranged string quartet, my lovelies.

Davide is currently on tour with Goldfrapp as part of their live band. He plays a mean electric violin.

shampaign dreams

Marina And The Diamonds are gunning for five singles from their/her debut album, "The Family Jewels", as "Shampaign" has been marked for the plucking.

It has already started making it's way onto playlists across Europe. That's dedication, kittens! Refreshing to see in these dismal days of the music "biz".

It's amazing considering Lady Marina has only managed one top 20 hit with "Hollywood". "Shampaign" could have easily been the first single.

IMHO, "Mowgli's Road" was thrown away as a teaser single much in the way "Under The Sheets" was for Ellie Goulding. Those songs clearly outshine much of the rest of the material on their respective longplayers. That's really saying something since both elpees are full of potential singles.

It remains to be seen if Marina's latest will improve upon the dizzying heights of the #38 placing reached by previous single, "Oh No!".

Let the "Shampaign" campaign begin! Oh, the genius of it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the shame of it all

This entry is based on a stream of consciousness that circled around my head while driving in the car earlier today.

"Shame" - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

"Shame" - Eurythmics

"Shame" - The Motels

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cheekbones and glamor

Finally, the video for Armin Van Buuren's new single featuring the gorgeous and glamorous Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been revealed. It's all Sophia Loren in Ibiza. And La Bex's cheekbones get top billing.

This tear stained trance number is sure to propel SEB back to the top echelon of the UK singles chart. It's the perfect soundtrack for those end of summer holiday romances. Adieu, mon petit. We shall always hold these sun kissed memories in our hearts.

Funny note. The ad tag at the end of the clip sounds so aggressive. I feel like I'm about to hear the voiceover talent break into "Monster truck madness this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!" Whatever happened to a little subtlety?

Monday, August 16, 2010

the cat in the hat is coming back

Jamiroquai is about to reenter the earth's atmosphere. Jay Kay and his band of magic disco desperadoes will return in November with "Rock Dust Light Star", their seventh longplayer.

The first taster from the album, "White Knuckle Ride", will be available as a limited edition slab of 12" vinyl prior to the album. The second single is scheduled to be "Blue Skies" which promises to be a blissed out, sun kissed, mid-tempo epic.

Here's a brief taster of the first single, "White Knuckle Ride".

Dig that lid, man.

hanging on a string

Faithless return to the singles scene with "Feelin' Good", the third track to be plucked from their current longplayer, "The Dance". Rollo's sister, Dido, checks in for vocal duties.

As with their previous two vids from the album, the clips for "Feelin' Good" does not feature appearance from Sister Bliss or Maxi Jazz. However, they are represented by figurines dangling from the rearview mirrors of a couple of Fiats. Surprise! It's a music video AND a product placement advert. It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping.

Kylie puts out

Kylie Minogue just announced the tracklisting for the various configurations surrounding her next single, "Get Outta My Way".

As previously mentioned, it will hit the "shops" on September 27 which really emphasizes the legs her previous single had. "All The Lovers" had a longer than usual shelf life than most singles these days. Kisses and glitter to her promotional team. Let's see if they can score a smash with the second release.

Unfortunately, none of the configurations feature a non-album b-side. Strangest of all is the appearance of the 7th Heaven and Bimbo Jones radio edits. Both teams reswizzled "GOMW" for extended dancefloor consumption. However, those versions are conspicuous by their absence. I can hear her legion of fans scouring every dark corner of the interwebs now!

Check out a sampling of the mixes with the following clips.

7th Heaven and Bimbo Jones aren't the only team to tackle the Aussie pop rocket's new single. Paul Harris, Mat Zo, Daddy’s Groove and Sidney Samson have all had their way with Ms. Minogues parts. Saucy!

And again, we have the completely useless 7" picture disc. This isn't 1983, kittens! But, as with "All The Lovers", there is a 2 track CD single and a 5 track remix CD. Without the allure of a non-album track, it renders this as a rather useless exercise. Listen up, Team Minogue! Always make it special!

Here are the tracklistings for each configuration of "Get Outta My Way".

7″ picture disc

A. Get Outta My Way
B. Get Outta My Way (Bimbo Jones Piano Mix Edit)

CD single

1. Get Outta My way
2. Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Remix Radio Edit)

maxi CD single

1. Get Outta My Way
2. Get Outta My Way (Bimbo Jones Club Edit)
3. Get Outta My Way (Sidney Samson Remix)
4. Get Outta My Way (Paul Harris Vocal Remix)
5. Get Outta My Way (Mat Zo Remix)
6. Video

digital download

1. Get Outta My Way
2. Get Outta My Way (Bimbo Jones Club Edit)
3. Get Outta My Way (Sidney Samson Remix)
4. Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
5. Get Outta My Way (Paul Harris Dub Remix)
6. Get Outta My Way (Daddy’s Groove Remix)
7. Get Outta My Way (Extended)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

a lesson in rediscovery

There have been few male singers as amazing as Billy MacKenzie. I stumbled across a couple of Associates videos last night after devouring the most gorgeously delicious slice of red velvet cake. In a moment of sugar ecstasy, I was transported back to a time when the pop music landscape was overrun with extraordinary talent.

The subject of Associates came up yesterday in a conversation I had with a fellow music obsessed friend of mine. That led me to trawl the interwebs for a few songs to hold me over until I infuse my iPod with their exquisite tunes.

Billy MacKenzie gave me goosebumps with every note that fell from his lips. It's hard to understand how something like "Just Can't Say Goodbye" wasn't a massive hit. It had all the right elements - a soaring vocal, killer hook, ABBA-esque piano bombast and spine tingling, girl group style backing vocal arrangements.

Of course, the UK was in the throes of acid house in 1990. Sadly, this glorious single didn't even bother the chart. The rarely seen video is glamorous, claustrophobic, euphoric and slightly seedy. Certainly one of the best of its time.

Watch where you're swinging that thing, Billy. You're liable to poke out someone's eye!

It's so easy to get stuck in a YouTube k-hole. Sometimes it turns up diamonds. Check out this rare clip of Associates performing the Dave Berry hit, "The Crying Game", which peaked at #5 on the UK singles chart in 1964. It was famously covered by Boy George in 1992 for the film of the same name. Watch Billy throughout. You can see there's some kind of internal dialog going on behind his eyes. Genius.

My introduction to Associates was through an unlikely avenue. When my father started his career in television, his first job was at a production house in Manhattan where he dubbed music videos and performance clips for the labels. The building was directly across the street from the MTV studios.

Knowing that I was obsessed with all things pop, he used to dub off an extra copy of all the videos he thought I would like. So, in 1982, I saw the following appearance from "Top Of The Pops".

Billy's urgent, insistent, operatic vocal captured my attention immediately. The Baroque inspired keyboard lines were unique and quite like nothing I'd hear before. The haunting voice at the end following Billy's mighty yelp sent shivers down my spine. Dad was spot on.

I didn't come across Associates again until 1985 when I began shopping for import singles in Greenwich Village on a regular basis. One day, my eyes fell upon the 12" single of "Waiting For The Loveboat". I recognized the name and bought it without having heard a note. Another mighty fine purchase indeed.

Coincidentally, right after I bought the single, I saw the video for it randomly, late one night on MTV. I was hooked and had to have as much of their recorded output as possible. Unfortunately, as with many of their singles, "Waiting For The Loveboat" failed to crack the top 40 in the UK.

Associates volley between being heartbreakingly beautiful and lovingly tortured. Each track on "Singles" is a gem worth unearthing. Start digging.

Friday, August 13, 2010

dancing in the dark

It's like old home week, kittens. First, Kim Wilde returns. Then, a-ha deliver one last hurrah. And now, OMD are about to reemerge. It's 1985 all over again.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark are mere weeks away from releasing their first longplayer with the original members in over 20 years. In fact, they're celebrating more than 30 years since their debut single back in 1979.

"If You Want It" is the first single to be plucked from "History Of Modern", the first OMD album in nearly 15 years.

Typically grand and only slightly hinting at the return to electronics they've been touting. It's an epic sounding pop song with requisite church choral backing which sounds more like late period OMD than the Germanic bleeps of their early stuff. In fact, it feels more like "Walking On The Milky Way" from their last album, "Universal". Still, it's great to have them back doing what they do best.

The video for "If You Want It" just premiered today. It's simple and emotive. Even though it's clear they had a limited budget, it still carries a powerful visual. However, it looks like Paul and Andy watched too many episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance".

Sadly, a CD will not feature as one of the single configurations. Instead, a limited edition yellow, vinyl 7" will be released on September 6. Flip it over for "Idea 1", a non-album b-side.

The single will also be available as a download along with "Alone", another non-album b-side. Additionally, it will include a remix of "If You Want It" by Villa Nah.

these stained glass wings could only take you so far

With only a few months before a-ha sail into the Norwegian sunset, they finally unveil the video for their final single, "Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)". The clip was directed by Steve Barron who lensed the groundbreaking video for "Take On Me" and set a-ha on a course toward success.

The video is rather unassuming until you get toward the end. Not sure what it is about the three men embracing, but I found myself getting all goosebumpy. Very touching. At that moment, the emotion swells and the final animation takes it over the top.

At first, I really didn't like the shots of previous videos woven into it, but it all makes sense by the end. I much prefer the pencil graphic images from "Take On Me" that appear on the columns holding up the highway. It's a more subtle touch. Of course, the highway overpass imagery mirrors the cover art from their last studio album, "Foot Of The Mountain. It all ties up nicely, kittens.

"Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)" is from "25", a-ha's recently released, career spanning hits collection.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a toured affair

Tour montage videos are all the rage these days. N'est-ce pas, mes petit chattons? Now, Goldfrapp has joined the parade with the video for their latest single, "Believer". Let's face it, they are cheap, promotionally effective and give acts the "presence" they so desire. Sometimes they amount to little more than a Final Cut Pro exercise on a roadie's Mac Book.

But, as Robyn recently showcased in the video for her current single, "Hang With Me", the raw emotion bleeds through the fourth wall rendering the viewer completely connected to the artist.

Perhaps Goldfrapp's new clip doesn't have the same effect, but you certainly get the sense that the band have a tremendous amount of fun on the road together. And it gives Alison's image a much needed shot of warmth. Plus, who doesn't love watching everyone dressed up in their glammest glamwear followed by appearances of the band in hoodies pulling their luggage through airports? Where are their minders?

Love the lampshade look Alison sports around the 1.40 mark.

Unfortunately, this will probably be the final single from "Head First", one of my absolute favorite longplayers released this year. That's a crying shame since the album could be mined six singles deep. They plucked seven out of Beyoncé's weave. Surely Alison has enough fierce divatude in her flowing locks for a few singles more.

a sonic explosion of fruit flavors

Well, now! THIS is more like it! Ver Scissters just revealed the brand new video they lensed for "Any Which Way", the second single from their third longplayer, "Night Work".

It's a corker. So let's uncork that sucker!

Luh-ving it! It has flash. It has color. It has personality. It has attitude. It's visually exciting. Jake looks mighty fit and sexy. Ana is all fierce diva with a touch of Bette Midler. Babydady is adorable, as always. And Del is a human sparkler! Imagine the collectable action figures they could market along with this video. Anatomically correct, natch. Genius!

I'll have more of this plz. It's almost as if "Fire With Fire" didn't happen.

The percussion intro reminds me of the beginning of "Mother's Talk" by Tears For Fears. Maybe it could use more cowbell.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lights and lip gloss

This week, Ellie Goulding releases "The Writer", the third single from her current longplayer, "Lights".

It's lush! The song really shows her depth as a songwriter. One of the highlights from her debut longplayer. As far as I'm concerned, they pissed away the best track from her elpee as a "buzz" track. "Under The Sheets" should've been the centerpiece of the promotional campaign. Zut alors!

"Lights" is another in a long line of recent albums that just haven't stuck with the public. It's a worrying trend. This topic has come up among numerous friends and acquaintances in the musoratti, lately. Is it the economy? Too many things to spend leisure cash on other forms of entertainment? Is the music "biz" so effed up that they don't have a handle on the promotion of music in the new paradigm? Are the labels just staffed with clueless interns? Is "everybody" downloading their music illegally? All of the above? Questions for the ages, kittens.

Anyway, the lovely lass has lensed a video for her current single. Let's take a peek.

One question... What's with all the lip gloss? Ellie looks like she's been eating a pork chop. Srsly, gurl! Tone that shizzy down. This ain't the 80s, babe. Or is it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the lowdown on Kim Wilde

Just yesterday, I was blathering on about artists that get a warm reception on the European continent, but are somehow snubbed by radio in the UK.

After the success of the album, "Never Say Never", Kim Wilde contemplated the possibility of it being a single moment rather than a return to former glories. Four years on, it seems the time is right for Kim to release her latest offering, "Come Out And Play", which will hit the "shops" on August 27. The first single, "Lights Down Low", is garnering lots of favorable attention.

The new album is receiving widespread press and interest in Germany much like its predecessor. However, like her previous longplayer, it won't see the light of day in the UK. A little strange considering KW has played hundreds of show across her homeland over the last half decade.

It seems the UK music scene is becoming more insular much in the way the US has been for over a decade. It should be pointed out that an artist signed in one territory doesn't mean it can automatically be picked up in another by the same or sister label. That's why a lot of albums don't get released outside the territory from which they were signed.

In the US, an album or artist from overseas costs more in royalties paid out to the local company where their deal was signed. So it's more fiscally responsible to promote an act in the territories where they were signed. On top of this, the cost of mounting a promotional campaign for an act signed in another country double or triple depending on the length and scope of it.

All technical BS aside, let's take a look at the video Kim lensed for her brand new single, "Lights Down Low". Sonically, it's a return to a more muscular, rock sound accompanied by gritty synth lead lines which is more in line with where started nearly 30 years ago.

Monday, August 9, 2010

the curious case of Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The pop world has been waiting for the latest longplayer from pop sophisticate and cultured kitten, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Her elpee, "Straight From The Heart", started life as a greatest hits collection with a couple of new songs. When several more songs were completed, all of them of the highest caliber, it was decided a brand new studio album would released and the hit compilation would appear on the back end of the promotional schedule for "Straight From The Heart".

First, there was the Rimmel ad campaign, the soundtrack to which was "Sophia Loren", a spiky little number which was meant to be the lead single. At the time, the album started its life with the title, "Make A Scene".

Alas, "Sophia Loren" wasn't released until 2010 when it was relegated to b-side status. Instead, the album got a name change to "Straight From The Heart" and a new single, "Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)", where La Bex received a featured credit with Freemasons, was issued as the first track. Inexplicably, it peaked at #15 on the UK singles chart in June 2009. The album was scheduled to follow and then never appeared.

Nearly a year later, with Freemasons at the production helm with Biffco, "Bittersweet" was released and peaked at #25. Again, the album was supposed to hit the "shops" a couple of weeks after the release of the single, but it was held back even though its tracklisting had been revealed.

Then, we all thought it would surely be released when it was announced La Bex would be opening for Pet Shop Boys on their summer jaunt through the UK. No single appeared. Not a mention of the album. The wicked finger of fate seemed to indicate that the album would linger longer on the label's storage shelves.

Recently, it was announced Sophie's next single would be another featured credit. This time, she'll be cuddling up close on the mic with renowned producer and DJ, Armin Van Buuren, for "Not Giving Up" which will appear on both his forthcoming album, "Mirage", and La Bex's "Straight From The Heart".

Here's a preview of the single followed by a pumped up reswizzling from Dash Berlin and a lovely acoustic rendition.

The tracklisting for "Straight To The Heart" remains relatively unchanged after nearly a year since the elpee was originally slated for release.

1. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
2. Bittersweet"
3. Off & On
4. Revolution
5. Starlight
6. Magic
7. Synchronised
8. Cut Straight To The Heart
9. Dial My Number
10. Homewrecker
11. Under Your Touch
12. Scene
13. Not Giving Up

On paper, it pushes all the right buttons. It's full of high octane, electro numbers with collaborations and contributions from the current crops of pop's top talent. Calvin Harris, Richard X, Cathy Dennis, Greg Kurstin, Róisín Murphy, Freemasons and Biffco all have a hand in the album.

So what's going on? Well, the current state of pop in the UK has waned from the glory days when Xenomania had the magic touch. One by one, from Mini Viva to The Saturdays, Girls Can't Catch and Paloma Faith - all acts that would've been embraced by Radio 1 in the past - have received a cold reception.

Even with "All Time Low" by The Wanted at numero uno last week and Kylie peaking at #3 with "All The Lovers", programmers at the BBC have turned their noses up at the notion of playing pop music across its majestic airwaves. Instead, it has succumbed to same problem that US radio has. Hip hop and R&B rule the day without any room for a solid slab of pop. Even someone like Enrique Iglesias gets a hit by slapping a rapper on his shitty, little, tuneless travesty of a single. The result? A hit.

However, pop music has flourished on the European continent. Acts like La Bex are receiving a much warmer welcome in territories like Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, France and Spain. So, the game plan has changed. With SEB having scored a #13 hit on the singles chart in France with a featured credit on Junior Caldera's single, "Can't Fight This Feeling", all eyes are on the Continent for pop success.

Srsly. With flawless porcelain skin, angular jaw and the best cheekbones in pop, La Bex cuts a shape all her own. Her highly stylized image is more posh gay boy in the Kylie mode than it is average pop slag like Ke$ha and Katy Perry. A cut above not the cat's behind. Therein lies the problem. Reality TV, the dumbing down of entertainment and the sheer acceptance of lowest common denominator (ie. drunk girls and whipped cream titties) has left little room for a classy broad like La Bex and her sparkling pop baubles.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

let your legs do the talking

After one spin of the new Scissor Sister's longplayer, "Night Work", it was clear what the second single was going to be. And thusly, we are rewarded with the right decision. "Any Which Way" duly becomes the follow up to "Fire With Fire" which peaked at #11 in the UK singles chart.

The cover art for the single has been revealed. There's a joke in there somewhere about a fierce pussy. I just haven't formulated it yet.

"Any Which Way" is familiar sonic territory for ver Scissters. Dirty funk is the way Jake Shears likes it. At least that's the word on the street and in the chatrooms. :) Bless his sox.

Something tells me this should have been the first single. However, I understand they wanted to stretch a little by releasing a stadium sized anthem first as an unexpected sign of growth. Showing the press they've developed as a band. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Even everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocket, Kylie Minogue, makes an appearance. You can hear her most prominently in the middle 8 breakdown around the 2.50 mark.

Let's face it. The best part of the song is Ana Mantronic's spoken word section which is the campest thing this side of a midnight screening of "Showgirls" in West Hollywood.

You know, baby, when I was taking my pantyhose outta their egg this evening I thought, "I'm gonna find that man that is the right shade of bottle tan. A man that smells like cocoa butter and cash." She's one sassy broad!

Ana's giving away her age in that seedy, little soliloquy. For the children out there in the blogoshpere who are too young to get the reference, allow us to teach you a lesson in pop culture from the 70s and 80s.

That's Linda Gray. She went on to play Sue Ellen on "Dallas". You remember Southfork. Don't you?

Nothing beats a great pair of L'eggs! Words to live by, kittens. Here's one of the commercials starring sexy, raven haired pixie, Joyce DeWitt. She played the part of Janet Wood on "Three's Company" from 1977 to 1984.

I don't know about you, folks, but I always play shuffleboard in a short skirt and heels.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

freshen up your "Faith"

Sony has officially announced that they are finally issuing a deluxe version of "Faith" by George Michael. It is scheduled to hit the "shops" on September 27.

This one has been a curiosity over the last few years. "Faith", along with his output as part of Wham!, has been mysteriously absent from the list of classic albums to be given the remastering treatment.

His legal wranglings with Sony long behind him, it was always odd that "Faith" never got the deluxification it deserved, especially during his recent "25 Live" tour. Nonetheless, it has been long overdue for a serious dusting off and sprucing up.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, it appears "I Want Your Sex" is being reswizzled for contemporary dancefloor consumption by Freemasons. It's an interesting choice considering the single version of "I Want Your Sex" has not appeared on any of GM's greatest hits collections. Another in a long line of head scratchers from George.

Hopefully, the deluxe edition of "Faith" will include all the remixes, non-album b-sides and single versions connected to GM's debut solo longplayer. While we wait for the tracklisting to leak, let's take a look back at all SIX singles from 1988's best selling album of the year.

"I Want Your Sex"
US #2/UK #3

US #1/UK #2

"Father Figure"
US #1/UK #11

"One More Try"
US #1/UK #8

US #1/UK #13

"Kissing A Fool"
US #5/UK #18

There is one question that still circumnavigates my brain when I listen to "Faith". Does George like the smell of his own armpit?

Kylie is in with the out crowd

By now, most of Kylie's rabid followers know "Get Outta My Way" is scheduled as the second single from her eleventh longplayer, "Aphrodite". As the follow up to "All The Lovers", expectations are high.

The single sleeve for "Get Outta My Way" is suitably stylish. See the image above for serious glamor. The chirpy track is being reswizzled by a host of names including 7th Heaven and Bimbo Jones, both of which have been previewed on various places around the interwebs.

"Get Outta My Way" will be available from all fine "shops" on September 27. Although, that date could slip back or ahead depending on the effect of the promotional campaign.

Speaking of which, the campaign behind "All The Lovers" was impeccably timed. Remixes were leaked at appropriate times. Her appearances were perfectly executed around promotional dates. Nicely done. Kudos and kisses to the label and Kylie's management. Let's hope they can maintain the level of enthusiasm over the course of the next three singles.

My only complaint is that some of the best mixes of "All The Lovers" haven't been made commercially available. However, I have a smashing idea.

After the fourth single has run its course, Kylie should release a remix album of "Aphrodite" which includes the Fear Of Tigers and Peter Rauhofer mixes of "All The Lovers". To promote the remix album, a fifth single should be plucked from "Aphrodite". Have it reswizzled for single release. Put one or two of the mixes of it on the remix elpee, but keep the single mix exclusive to the CD single and download configurations.

I am a marketing maven, ladies and gents. Parlophone and can thank me for that idea later. I except cash, checks, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

middle age, distance dancing

The full video has been lensed and edited for
"Middledistancerunner", the brand new single from Chicane which features everyone's heartland electro emo pixie, Adam Young aka Owl City.

Although the video features neither artist, it does maintain Chicane's fondness for offbeat visuals bathed in an au jus of controversy. Bikini clad girl on a trampoline? Get ready for the jiggle. Here's the vid in its color saturated glory.

Not sure about the title, though. I've seen it listed as one long, unbroken word. Sometimes I've seen it listed more sensibly as "Middle Distance Runner".

Either way you slice it, the single, plucked from Chicane's current longplayer, "Giants", is another dreamy dance number from Mr. Nick Bracegirdle. Drenched in melancholy and plonky piano figures, "Middledistancerunner" is sure to please the faithful.