Tuesday, March 22, 2011

step back in time

Attention Kylie fans! It's time to put your hands up and smell the poppers! PWL alumnus, Pete Hammond, has crafted a frothy, SAW inspired remix of what will hopefully be the next single from Ms. Minogue's current longplayer, "Aphrodite".

"Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)" has been reswizzled into a glittering, early 90s, retro jam. Get ready to dance around your handbag!

It's a beautiful marriage of Kylie's PWL past and her showgirl present. Love the colorful little clip that's been put together for it. One litte suggestion. Someone should learn how to spell. When has "come on" ever been spelled "common'"? Have I missed something? Sorry, I'm a bit of a grammar granny.

Let's hope EMI do the right thing for once. Release this now!


  1. The clipped guitar and classic Pete Hammond strings are brilliant!!

  2. I really enjoy this... it's catchy!!
    ♥ Kylie's music
    I like ur blog