Sunday, March 6, 2011

clamor for glamour

Morrissey is about to release yet ANOTHER compilation. "The Very Best Of Morrissey" will be issued by EMI on April 25.

A week earlier, the label will pluck "Glamorous Glue" as a single from it with various b-sides to entice Sir Moz's rabid fanbase. It will be released across three different configurations in order to insure maximum purchase potential.

The CD single will feature the lead track, which originally appeared on "Your Arsenal", backed with "Treat Me Like A Human Being". The 7" single and picture disc will both include "Safe, Warm Lancashire Home". Both b-sides are outtakes from the sessions for Moz's debut longplayer, "Viva Hate".


  1. Has he reached that awkward point when there are more compilations in print than original albums?

  2. Damn but Morrissey presents me with a unique conundrum! Specifically, I love covers of his songs from The Smiths but I simply can't listen to the man sing. That's to say as a writer I hold him in high esteem. His incisive wit and facility with a lyric is a wonder to behold. But good gawd, his penchant for filling every second of music with his adenoidal warble drive me insane! Every Smiths cover in my collection is a gift to my ears. Conversely, I have to say without Marr's music, the magic is gone. The sole Morrissey cover I've heard [Bowie, no less] was as unmitigated a horror as anything perpetrated by the man himself.

  3. Two years ago EMI re-released the HMV Singles box in a handier 3-CD set. It was cheap and it basically made lots of compilation albums (including "Bona Drag", which was later remastered, and the EU comp "Suedehead) basically obsolete.

    I'm wondering about the front cover of "The Very Best Of Morrissey", featuring Moz naked in a bathtub with a close-up of his feet:

  4. Will the Smiths' albums ever be remastered?

  5. @ Alessandro Liccardo

    I Do not think they will ever remaster any smith's albums if Mozz has anything to do with it.

    1.all the smiths past record lables still owe him for past royalties for units sold

    2.Mozz still owes the other band members(not Marr)compensation for work done and back royalties

    and mozz has said in the past why should i help them they dont deserve it

    So as i said before i highly doubt there will ever be a remasters from the smiths unless its generic volume pushed up remaster which is what they did with (new order) stay away from those