Monday, March 21, 2011

incredible discussion

With mere days before I jet off to London to see "The Most Incredible Thing" at Saddler's Wells, I'm getting acquainted with the score. The ballet, adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen short story of the same name, features the choreography of Javier De Frutos married to the electro symphonic stylings of Pet Shop Boys.

Check out this rather in depth interview with Les Boys as they enthusiastically discuss nearly every aspect of the ballet. Watch Neil's eyes widen as he talks about it. You can feel the passion he has for the entire project.

Always up for any opportunity to make their rabid fans froth at the mouth, PSB have collaborated with The Vinyl Factory once again for a limited edition package. "The Most Incredible Thing" will be released as an exclusive, deluxe, limited art edition. Only 500 copies will be made available worldwide which makes it an instant collector's item. Each set will be hand-numbered and signed by Neil and Chris.

The outer packaging will feature a silk cloth bound hard board slipcase. The contents will include a hardback book with seven record sleeves. Six sleeves will house heavyweight 180 gram vinyl records featuring the Pet Shop Boys’ music for the ballet as well as the original demo versions of each of the compositions. The demos will only be made available as part of this release.

The seventh sleeve contains an oversized foldout sheet music print signed by Neil and Chris. The ballet synopsis will be printed onto the record sleeves so that each has an accompanying narrative that reads like a storybook.

Be prepared to plonk down £350 for this pricey piece of PSB paraphernalia.


  1. Oh dear. More Vinyl Factory record junkie fetish porn. Count me out and put me in the "no" category. I'm a hard liner on stealing music but as these dlx editions get pricier and pricier, I'm almost ready to snap and start feeling a lot different about stealing music on torrents!

    Editions <= $100 in editions of a thousand or more are barely tolerable, but when it comes down to your mortgage payment or the new PSB album, only the rich can afford projects like this. I guess all of that Labour talk in the eighties was just a pose, wasn't it Neil?

  2. As the last PSB edition from Vinyl Factory (the Yes box-set) cost slightly less than this and has subsequently, I believe, sold for in excess of £3,000, I think this equals a sound investment and rampant capitalism in action. Whether this latest extravagance achieves those heady heights is yet to be seen - I doubt it. But I'm sure it will still be a good investment. Though I have to admit to some disappointment over the Sadler's Wells' production - the music I liked - the staging and choreography much less so.