Monday, February 28, 2011

big trouble

Take That are a bit predictable. N'est-ce pas, mes chattons? Second single in from "Progress", their sales busting, Stuart Price produced, number one longplayer, is a glam lite stomper featuring Mark Owen on lead vox with Gazza chiming in on the chorus.

The uptempo retro 70s rocker concept worked for "Shine", the ELO-esque follow up to "Patience". The same can't be said for "Up All Night" which followed the chart topping single, "Greatest Day".

Now that Robbie is back in the fold, will the dark, blustery, menacing, militaristic vibe of "Kidz" go over well in the charts?

The single is poignant and timely in the wake of the student riots in the UK. It reminds me of a time long ago when Duran Duran gave us "The Wild Boys" and Culture Club returned with "The War Song". They were muscular, dramatic, big beat numbers which were a bit harder edged for both bands. However, both Duran and Culture Club pushed the boundaries only four years into their chart run. It took ver That nearly twenty years to give us some rough edges.

With Take That's recent star turn on the this years Brit Awards with a clusterfuck performance of their latest single, the official vid couldn't be far behind. And as if by magic, here it is!

Well that certainly isn't a low budget clip, my darlings. They threw shitloadsamoney around on the production line for it. Where did the label stash the cash for that one?

Anyway, it's a jolly video with the five lads dressed in battle regalia, bringing the joy of song to the "kids" of planet Earth. Take That in the guise of pop warriors, ladies and gents! Is it me or is Robbie even present on the track? He doesn't even bother to lip sync in the vid, instead preferring to mug the camera only a few times.


  1. Robbie and his mugging will be the death of take that. It's getting right on my wick. This video is very pleasing though! Wait for single 3 please...

  2. the kinks should be very interested in this, as they seem to have stolen most of the tune from the verses of 'sunny afternoon'...

  3. @Dave - Well, that first seven note figure in the verse is identical. After that it's close but not enough for copyright infringement.

    I couldn't place what the verse reminded me of. Thanks for working that out for me! Nice trainspotting moment.