Monday, July 26, 2010

soft touch

Natasha Bedingfield has re-emerged with "Touch”, the first single to be taken from her fourth studio album "Strip Me", which is due later this year.

The sweet lass has lensed a video for it. Shall we take a peek?

Pleasant enough. The verses are completely shite. A total lack of melody. However, the chorus is complete euphoria. It almost makes up for the truly awful verses. Natasha, go back and give us verses that match that sparkling chorus, babydoll.

Where does Ms. Bedingfield fit in this post Gaga universe? Honestly, although it's a decent pop nugget, "Touch" is not unique enough to stand out these days. She's clearly not carving out a path in the pop landscape like Robyn is. It's a dilemma that has already put Christina Aguilera in choppy waters without a floatation device. Also, Xtina delivered a half-baked album with too many Gaga-isms and a handful of shitty songs. It's anyone's guess how she'll recover from that debacle.

The bottom line. Natasha delivers terrific pop records, but there's nothing extra special about her or her material. It's missing the glitter, ingenuity and creativity which would make her more au current. Nice dress, though.

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