Friday, July 9, 2010

I was lying there, lying on the beach

We're at the mid-year point and it's time for my summer holiday. Seven glorious days in the peaceful enclave of Provincetown. The sea. The breeze. Who are we kidding? The eye candy!

Srsly, this is the moment where I dial it down. I will be comatose for the better part of a week. Recharging my batteries. So, what better time to review my beachcoming soundtrack?

Here, submitted for you perusal, are some of my favorite albums of the year, so far. Each of them will be getting quite a lot of spins on the old Victrola at the beach house this week and all summer long.

"Aphrodite" - Kylie Minogue

This is clearly going to be blaring out of every open window on the cape. Let's face facts. It's the gayest album of the year. The boys will bring the noise and this elpee, the musical equivalent of a rainbow, will feature prominently. I can smell the poppers at the Boat Slip already.

I would bet cash that the marketing "gurus" at the label figured it was best to issue her album on the cusp of Pride celebrations worldwide. I'm sure we'll be raising a glass to our little Aussie pop rocket all summer long. Chin chin!

"Head First" - Goldfrapp

This is already shaping up to be one of the finest years for purveyors of pop music. Goldfrapp, back from their pastoral wanderings, returned with a synth in one hand and a fistful of killer tunes in the other.

Another album that is sure to please the boys on the beach. I expect to hear "Rocket" and "Alive" doing the business around town at various discotheques.

"Night Work" - Scissor Sisters

Oh yes! It is a gay old year. N'est-ce pas? Sleezy, filthy, camp AND fun. Ver Scissters leave behind the honky tonk and cheeky winks of the last two albums and stretch a little.

I haven't dug deep into this, their third longplayer, but I suspect this will be the soundtrack for dark corners this week.

"Bang Goes The Knighthood" - The Divine Comedy

The audio equivalent of reading a good book on the beach. SPF at the ready. Umbrellas at a slight tilt. Maybe a picnic basket of sammies and a few cocktails.

Neil Hannon's quick witted delivery and jaunty piano numbers will enchant and delight while you soak up some sun. Even the British love a summer holiday. Close your eyes and let his lyrics paint a picture for you. Run your own little film behind your eyelids.

"Love And Its Opposite" - Tracey Thorn

This is the Sunday brunch album. This is for the comedown and the chillout. It's also suitable for an early morning bloody mary.

Thoughtful and breezy. A light, flowing, linen blouse as the sun comes up.

For the record, I think The Psychedelic Furs and some classic, pre-symbol Prince are going to be garnering a lot of play this week. I'm in the mood for some grit and a bit of funk. Read into that however you'd like.


  1. Vinny you make me smile everytime I read your blog! I have Forever Now playing as I write this and just finished my morning constitutional with Tracey Thorn along for the walk through suburban Tampa!

  2. @Echorich - Service with a smile! "Forver Now" from Level 42? Luh-ving that! Hope to see them in NYC on June 23.