Tuesday, July 6, 2010

divine revelations

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know The Divine Comedy is one of my fave "bands". I use the inverted commas because, like many groups, The Divine Comedy has become the vehicle for an individual.

With the recent release of their magnificent longplayer, "Bang Goes The Knighthood", Neil Hannon, the expertly tailored, infinitely intriguing leader of TDC, is running the PR gauntlet by giving interviews on radio, talking to newspapers and magazines, playing solo shows and giving fans lots of gloriously interesting web clips.

Check out the four part set of vids below from DCHQ. Neil offers up some solo performances of a three songs from the album - "At The Indie Disco", "The Complete Banker" and album opener, "Down In The Street Below" - all prefaced by his thoughts on each track. The fourth clip is a bonus interview. Across all four vids, he discusses everything from lyrical inspiration, sonic structure, musical references and recording techniques.

It's fascinating stuff. My only complaint is that I wish he had shot a clip for each song on the album.

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