Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robbie's hits and bits revealed

RAWR! Robbie Williams looks delicious in the photo adorning the cover of his forthcoming hits collection, "In And Out Of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010. The artwork mimics the sleeve of his most recent elpee, "Reality Killed The Video Star".

"Shame", the first single, is a beautiful duet with Gary Barlow which will be available from all fine "shops" on October 4.

Mr. Barlow makes a second appearance on Robbie's retrospective with "Heart And I" another fantastic Williams/Barlow collab. Seems like these two have patched things up and gotten a little cozy.

The album revisits the last two decades of RW's career in reverse chronological order. In fact, it covers every single he released as a solo artist. That's quite unusual for a most greatest hits collection as, inevitably, something is left off. The compilation is rounded off with Take That's "Everything Changes", the boyband's fourth, consecutive single to go straight in at number one in the UK way back in 1994. Technically, the album covers sixteen years rather than the twenty inferred by the album's subtitle.

With a whopping 39 tracks slathered across two CDs, Robbie's career retrospective finally includes his debut solo single, "Freedom", a cover of George Michael's hit from 1990.

"In And Out Of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010" will be released on October 11. Here's the tracklisting in its full glory.


1. Shame
2. Heart And I
3. You Know Me
4. Bodies
5. Morning Sun
6. She's Madonna
7. Lovelight
8. Rudebox
9. Sin Sin Sin
10. Advertising Space
11. Make Me Pure
12. Tripping
13. Misunderstood
14. Radio
15. Sexed Up
16. Something Beautiful
17. Come Undone
18. Feel
19. Mr. Bojangles


1. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen
2. Somethin' Stupid
3. The Road To Mandalay
4. Eternity
5. Let Love Be Your Energy
6. Supreme
7. Kids
8. Rock DJ
9. It's Only Us
10. She's The One
11. Strong
12. No Regrets
13. Millennium
14. Let Me Entertain You
15. Angels
16. South Of The Border
17. Lazy Days
18. Old Before I Die
19. Freedom
20. Everything Changes

It's a truly all encompassing hit collection. It includes "Kids" and "Somethin' Stupid", his duets with Aussies Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman, respectively. Surprisingly, it even features the singles from "Swing When You're Winning", considered many to be a side project rather than a proper RW album. Kudos and kisses to the label and RW's management for getting this one right.


  1. With Robbie I'm kinda "Meh", but the anal retentive, completist in me loves that this has everything, so I'll probably get it for this reason. I like the graphic design of the package - I wonder if this comes in a glorious gatefold? And I wonder if 'Kids' has the rap at the end...?

    I'll have to disagree on one thing though: Robbie looked even more delicious on his last Greatest Hits album cover (ahem)

  2. Have you heard the new songs?!

  3. Finally! A proper hits retrospective that the fans will adore. Kylie/Madonna et al take note of how it's done. Can't wait to hear the two new tracks with La Barlow, which in a way take Robbie's career full circle. Nice inclusion of Everything Changes too :) So pleased with this!

    (PS ordered Aha's double cd of hunting today. it's winging it's way to me :P )

  4. @Jams - Oh yes. Robbie looked hawt on the sleeve of his first greatest hits collection. With 39 tracks, I would be all the single versions are represented. So, perhaps, the version of "Kids" with the rap at the end will be included.

    Gatefold sleeve? I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Jams.

  5. @xolondon - I have heard a tiny snippet of "Shame", but not enough of it to pass comment.

  6. @Paul - Indeed. I was terribly disappointed with Madonna's "Celebration". She really should've issued a limited 4 CD set of it with as many single versions as she could fit.

    As for Robbie, the proof will be in the listening. With 39 tracks, I have to believe all the single versions and edits are represented.