Saturday, July 24, 2010

I like twisted comedy

It's a video bonanza today!

Mr. Neil Hannon, the face of The Divine Comedy, has returned with "I Like", the second single from the elpee, "Bang Goes The Knighthood".

This single is yet another magnificent tour de force. Full of the usual humor and wit we come to expect from TDC, this jaunty little number is the perfect summertime companion for those long trips to the beach. Classic, British tune ahoy!

A suitably cheeky video has been lensed for it. And Neil's co-star is a complete airhead. Cue chortle.

"Bang Goes The Knighthood" will get a US release very shortly in the downloadable domain. Unfortunately, a distribution deal for the physical CD hasn't been secured as hoped. Therefore, TDC will not be playing any shows in the US anytime soon. Let the pouting and stamping of feet begin!

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