Friday, July 16, 2010

full font frontal Ferry

The cover art for "Olympia", the thirteenth solo longplayer from Bryan Ferry, has been revealed. Sophisticated and enigmatic, if not just a little on the uninteresting side. However, the contents should more than make up for the underwhelming sleeve. I guess it's all de rigueur these days.

Some dark and moody remixes for the lead single, "You Can Dance", have started appearing online. The one below was reswizzled by Tim Roe. His is one of five remixes making the rounds of dancefloors across the globe.

And here's a suitably dreamy clip montage of Mr. Ferry and his collaborators in the studio during the making of "Olympia".

More quaaludes, plz.


  1. Can't say I'm not all over the use of Gill Sans, but light is the preferred weight of that font, isn't it? Regular, no so much. But I'm smack in the midst of a Gill Sans family period right now, so I can't say too much bad about it. The actual photograph of an actual object is heart warming.

    Nevertheless, it does reflect the fact that album art has dropped in my lifetime from 12" square, to 4.75" square to whatever can be displayed effectively on an iPod, hasn't it? Until we get those retinal implants, expect to be disappointed by album art going forward.

  2. I love the cover! It is vintage Ferry! Looks like a crown of laurel made from a pair of lace panties (knickers for the Brits on! And what would better suit a Greek God in a Ferry world!?!