Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hurts reswizzled

It feels like everyone has been holding their collective breath for "Happiness", the debut longplayer from Hurts. In the meantime, the interwebs have been buzzing about the new Freemasons mix of their latest single, "Wonderful Life". Finally, it has arrived!

That certainly improves upon the radio edit we posted a few days ago. It's a lovely companion to Arthur Baker's mixes that made the rounds earlier this year. Poppers o'clock, indeed! Expectations are certainly running high for the album.

And, as if we couldn't get enough of Kylie, it appears that she is featured on a track called "Devotion", one of many fine songs on "Happiness". I can't remember a time when Kylie has had a higher profile. She is omnipresent! She didn't even have this kind of visibility during the "Fever" era. Get her PR person on the phone stat! Kudos and champers are in order.

By the way, I have it on very good authority that Freemasons are remixing "I Want Your Sex", the song that launched George Michael's debut solo elpee, "Faith". Sony has finally dusted off the album and are about to issue a deluxe edition in September. I am without words.


  1. this post is camp as a row of pink tents.

    FINALLY WITH THE GEORGE. His recent crash into Snappy Snaps - Jesus Gawd who makes up this shit? - must have been early promotion.

  2. When "Eli Stone" premiered, Epic commissioned mixes of "Faith" by Mark Picchiotti (none of them were club/uptempo mixes).

    But at the last minute, the label abandoned the project.

    Verification word: oohorap