Thursday, July 22, 2010

pout and play

Love blonde and perfect pouter, Kim Wilde, is about to return with "Come Out And Play", her eleventh longplayer and the follow up to "Never Say Never" which was released in 2006.

First single is "Lights Down Low", a muscular, rockin' number with some electro flashes throughout to keep things au current. Let's take a listen.

The single will hit the "shops" on August 13 with the album to follow shortly thereafter.

Best of all, Kim collaborates with two of her 80s contemporaries. She shares the mic with Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 on "Greatest Journey" and Nik Kershaw on "Love Conquers All.

I'm super jazzed about the Nik Kershaw pairing. I clearly remember loving the sound of their combined voices on "Let It Be", the Ferry Aid single from 1987. I always thought they would work together immediately after that charity project. Sadly, it was not be. Glad they finally got around to it. Huzzah!

The following is the tracklisting for "Come Out In Play".

1. King Of The World
2. Lights Down Low
3. Real Life
4. Greatest Journey
5. I Want What I Want
6. Love Conquers All
7. Hey! You!
8. Suicide
9. This Paranoia
10. Loving You More
11. Get Out
12. My Wish Is Your Command
13. Jessica


  1. Hi everybody, thank you again for this article.
    It's true, the new album come soon, I'm so happy!!!
    See you soon maybe on my fanblog for Kim
    JPaul from France...

  2. I can't wait for NEW Kim Wilde album -sounds fantastic, the best voice in Pop.

  3. Can't wait. I actually just got the reissues today and need to throw those suckers on already. What a great summer it's been for music.

  4. I'm quite pleased about Kim returning, but mostly it just makes me thing *gasp* - there must be hope for Debbie Gibson yet!! YAY!

  5. duets is very good, and the album more again.
    The new single is "Real Life" for the 29 october !!!
    Thank again fir this good blog, JPaul