Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bryan Ferry and his phalanx of foxy babes

The promo parade for Bryan Ferry's forthcoming longplayer, "Olympia", is gaining steam. The video for the first single, "You Can Dance", premiered recently, and he's back with his requisite bevy of beauties. Does he travel with a harem? Not sure why he feels like he needs the babe brigade after 40 years. I guess that's part of the Bryan Ferry "brand".

Bryan is back in languid, layered, lounge lizard mode after the gutsy "Dylanesque". I like "You Can Dance", but the song doesn't breathe. The ear candy in the mix is exquisite, but the song doesn't soar like you would expect.

I really prefer the collab version with DJ Hell.

It's dark and menacing. A more daring choice of direction for Mr. Ferry. The kind of track you would expect to hear in the backrooms of Berlin's seedy nightlife. Not that I know anything about such things.

Hearing his voice stripped bare placed in the midst of an icy, bleak, electronic landscape offers more depth to the song. It also strengthens the minimalistic melody. His voice still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Le sigh.


  1. Re: Harem

    Though I'm a heterosexual male, that whole writhing model thing is a little old. That old-enough-to-be-their-grandfather thing is also way creepy. From an aesthetic point of view, it would have been far more daring to have women in their 50s being swept away by the music of the maestro, wouldn't it? Punk kids under 25 are horny 24-7. That's kid stuff. Taking it further, perhaps senior citizens of all colors/predilections/genders getting it on in a steamy club to the sounds of Bryan Ferry... losing all of the burdens of age and inhibition... now that is something that would define edgy wouldn't it? Would anyone have the guts to do it? Hmmmm.

    As for the song. I like it! That is a sample from "True To Life" being used in the rhythm bed, yes? I'd like to hear the DJ HELL version but it just won't play for more than 3 seconds at a time on my connection so i can't compare and contrast. I agree with the "doesn't breathe" comment though. Still, I wonder if there's going to be actual single releases or just downloads. And what exclusive will the Japanese CD have? Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. @REVO - Oh, you cut to the quick! But yes. The gyrating nymphs is territory revisited. Still, I can't wait for the album. You know he delivers.

    I liked "Dylanesque" for a few reasons. He wasn't being the moody, lounge lizard so much. He sounded more raw and inspired. And that album was the most uncool thing on paper, but it really worked. Ferry seems to need those artistic tangents in order to get him back on the road to his own songwriting.

    Srsly. Has he ever had a bad album. I think not!

  3. I always laugh at your sexlife references ;D

    The remix is way cooler indeed!

    Thanks for the blog, keep it up!

  4. Well, at the time, I was a little down on "Bete Noir." Due to the Patrick Leonard presence, I dismissed it as his "Madonna record." I'm fine with it now. The closest thing I would call a bad album from him is still "Siren," truth be told. Fortunately, it was salvaged by the potent US single of "Love Is The Drug" b/w "Both Ends Burning" that was truly inspired material. As for the rest, it's still difficult to slog through for me. I've heard decent versions of "Whirlwind" on bootlegs that get my hopes up, but returning to the album cut is always a disappointment. Bear in mind that LITD was my point of entry for Ferry/RM - so its significance can't be understated!

  5. @dequesi - What are you talking about? This is a wholesome family blog. :)

  6. Yes, but of the "new family" type ;DDD

  7. let's face it...the brother still has appeal in his sixties!!! Don't hate!!