Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a thing about D:Ream

D:Ream, the duo of Al MacKenzie and Peter Cunnah, makes the long trek back from obscurity with the imminent release of "In Memory Of...", their brand new longplayer.

If you don't remember D:Ream, allow me to give you a little refresher. They had two of the best singles of the 90s. Both are about "things". Both were released three times each. Both are pop "classics". Both will give you the uncontrolable urge to dance around your handbag.

"Things Can Only Get Better" was their big breakthrough in 1994 upon its second release. It went all the way to #1 and improved on its initial chart placing of #24 of the previous year. In 1997, the song was co-opted by the Labour Party in the UK for the General Election and peaked at #19.

"U R The Best Thing" incorporates a device which uses a single letter in place of a word. This was made most famous by Prince. For this reason, D:Ream was quite revolutionary as it predated texting. Attention young people. Ke$ha did not invent this concept.

After previewing two singles more than a year ago - "All Things To All Men" (More "things"! I sense a theme.) and "Drop Beatz Not Bombs" - all went dormant. Reenergized and ready for action, D:Ream are about to issue "Gods In The Making", the third single from their forthcoming longplayer.

Let's have a listen.

D:ream - "Gods In The Making" (Radio Edit)

It has a dark and lovely, epic feel to it. Love the flashes of diva house background vocals. Peter's voice sparkles with an unbridled urgency. It even has moments that remind me of Seal circa "Crazy" and bits that sound a little like New Order. Not exactly a bad thing!

"Gods In The Making" will be available from all fine digital "shops" on February 28. The album will follow a week later.


  1. I always thought that "Picture My World" would have made a great single - so amazingly catchy. And SO perfect for a radio edit if it started right at :53 into the song.

  2. Glad to see the boys back in action. U R The Best Thing is one of my fave pop/dance tracks of the 90's. You're right Vinny, you wanna start dance on that first downbeat!

  3. god this makes me feel incredibly old indeed :/ But i will check it out. am belatedly obsessed with the return of OMD!

  4. Really liked "All Things To All Men" - great comeback. Looking forward to the album.

  5. Oddly, as not a fan of D:Ream at the time, I think this comeback works better than The Human League's... what is wrong with me? :-)