Saturday, February 5, 2011

absolutely Green

Forget everything else you will hear before December 31. The brand new Scritti Politti single, "A Day Late And A Dollar Short", is the single of the year! Did you hear me? It is the SINGLE OF THE FUCKIN' YEAR! Sorry for the expletive. I just cannot contain myself.

Stop everything you're doing and listen.

Bam salute! Scritti Politti gettin' gritty! It's the audio equivalent of a bottle of poppers and a glass of the finest champagne rimmed with top grade cocaine! My goosebumps have goosebumps. It makes me wanna dance around naked and smash things. I love it SO very much, indeed.

The electro glam stomp gives it a feeling of urgency. Green Gartside's heavenly helium voice has never sounded better. And the Beach Boys inspired vocal harmonies on the intro and middle eight are beyond deluxe!

David Gamson, Mr. Gartside's collaborator from the the "Cupid & Psyche 85" era, has made a welcome return. Most recently, Mr. Gamson has produced tracks for Ke$ha and Adam Lambert. Both, quite frankly, leave me cold.

However, when you listen to "A Day Late And A Dollar Short", you hear the Scritti sound system bang up to date! Hard to believe it was written and produced by two men in their fifties!

If it was the new Ke$ha single, it would be a smash. Then again, it could NEVER be her new single or that of any of the current crop of pop pretenders. Why? Because it's far too intelligent and well crafted. The layers! The sonics! The production! Simply magnificent.

"A Day Late And A Dollar Short" is one of two new tracks on Scritti Politti's first ever career retrospective, "Abosulte", which is scheduled to hit the "shops" on February 27 after nearly a year of delays. No word on whether or not a companion DVD is in the works.

Let's hope Mssrs. Gartside and Gamson are working on a new studio longplayer.


  1. Lieber Gott!! Talk about "always leave them wanting more!" That's my first rule in this dirty business called "show" and this tune has that quality in spades! The electro-glam beat is strongly suggestive of the godlike "Temptation [demo version]" by H17. The arrangement harkens back to the C+P85 era of complexity, but whereas that album was airy and effervescent, this puppy worships at the altar of bass and midrange for a contemporary impact. It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it. I give it a 9/10.

  2. I tracked it down on youtube and you're right (although you knew that)
    It's marvellous and exactly the new song I could have wished for. I'm itching to hear this on proper quality. Please, please get into the studio for more of this. It's time.

  3. Now tell us how you REALLY feel!

    (You're right, it's excellent. Now where is that Cupid & Psyche deluxe remaster?)

  4. @loveincminor - I don't think artists should ever listen to fans. But this new track is getting the Scritti Politti crush crew all frothy! Surely they will have to pay attention to the buzz of love from their dedicated base.

    Bring on a full album, plz!

  5. @countpopula - The "C&P" deluxe remaster has been in the works for a while. Hopefully, it will appear this year. I will give my sources a little nudge.

  6. Vinny Vero. Um.
    A) I love you.
    B) I might Single White Female on you because we seem to have EXACTLY the same musical twitches.
    C) Yours is now my favorite blog of all time, not kidding.
    D) I will be checking in everyday... commenting on everything.
    E) Thank you for being in the world.
    F) I love you.
    G) Breakfast.

  7. @Dave LaFave - Is that a marriage proposal? :) Breakfast sounds lovely.

    Glad you like the blog. I'm putting all my heart and passion into it. Not sure I'll have something to say everyday. But thanks for stopping by anyway.

  8. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!! I never thought Green would return to anything resembling his 80's sound again, but this is fantastic.