Wednesday, October 6, 2010

don't stop the dance

With less than a month to go before he releases his thirteenth, solo longplayer, "Olympia", Bryan Ferry tosses out a trippy video for "Shameless", a slinky and seductive number which has a more dance oriented feel than the first single, "You Can Dance". Let's have a look. Shall we?

Amazing what you can do on a small budget these days. For some reason the song reminds me a bit of "Both Ends Burning" by Roxy Music which is not a bad thing at all.

If the song sounds familiar, that's because it originally turned up in a different form on Groove Armada's recent elpee, "Black Light". Compare and contrast.

The promotional campaign leading up to the release of "Olympia" has been a bit unorthodox. But that's the norm rather than the exception these days. The first fruits of Mr. Ferry's labor started out on the dancefloors of continental Europe with the DJ Hell collab, "U Can Dance". Then it was released in the UK as a solo single back in August with the slightly re-modeled title, "You Can Dance", which was re-made for "Olympia".

Simultaneously, Mr. Ferry appeared on the Groove Armada album, which suggested he was moving in a more dance oriented direction. With the new version of "Shameless" having been given the vidular treatment, it seems a bit odd when it appears that the second, official single from his new album seems to be "Heartache By Numbers" which starts out a bit like something by The Killers. Not surprising when you take into consideration that it's the suave and sophisticated singer's collab with Scissor Sisters.


  1. This all sounds very promising indeedy!

  2. Phew. That sounds a mess to me. I had to stop. Time to rethink the "immersion edition." I'll get back to you on this...