Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Róisín and the Celtic queen

Róisín Murphy has taken some time away from the spotlight to have a baby. After the amazingness of her previous longplayer, "Overpowered", her coterie of rabid fans hoped she would follow it up soon(ish).

Unfortunately, she left her label. However, during her pregnancy, she tossed out few jams without committing to a full length elpee. The idea of promotion was off the table while she was with child. We got the quirky "Orally Fixated". Then she presented the funkiness of "Momma's Place". Both were a little more raw than expected, but they showed her insistence on making quality dance records.

Róisín has been threatening us with a third track, "Demon Lover", for a while. Apparently, it's a blazing tune. I guess we must wait a little longer to hear it. In the meantime, she recorded to tracks on Crookers' album, "Tons Of Friends", which was released earlier this year.

Now, Róisín lends her golden throat to a new track from Mason's debut album, "They Are Among Us". "Boadicea" is a throbbing electro number that wouldn't have felt out of place on "Overpowered".

No word on when "Boadicea" or its parent album will be released.

In certain parts, "Boadicea" reminds me a bit of "I Travel" from Simple Minds.

I smell a mash-up!

FYI, Boadicea was the queen of a Celitc tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Thank you, Wikipedia. They explained it much more succinctly then I ever could. My Roman history is a bit hazy after remaining dormant for nearly two decades.


  1. That was most excellent! A cracking tune, sir! Many thanx for bringing it to my attention! And yes, there's definitely some "I Travel" DNA on loan for this mutation. Particularly from the Utah Saints remix version ca. 1998 from the groups brief time on Chrysalis. Ah, Simple Minds finest hour, as I have it.

    As for Ms. Murphy, I've only had the pleasure once prior, when I bought the "Bad Cover Version" CD2 by the beloved Pulp. I liked her electrohaus version of "Sorted For E's & Wizz" [I'm listening right now on the cans to re-acquaint myself] but forgot to investigate further! Hey, life intrudes. The new track is supremely delightful. Maybe I need to investigate this person, yes?

  2. @postpunkmonk - Oh, indeed. Check out "Overpowered". It's quite a dance-tastic little album. Terrific lyrics. Alternately, she belts out a bit and purrs like a kitten.

    Also check out some of the material she put out as part of Moloko. I believe you will dig the vibe.

  3. Nice call on the Simple Minds influnence. I think a lot of this slowed down electro that is coming out feels like early 80's synth work that bands like Simple Minds, New Order and Gary Numan - to name a few - were experimenting with. The pulsing bass and aggressive synth lines are a marriage made in heaven.

  4. Ooops. It sounds like I was proclaiming the "Néapolis" era as Simple Minds' finest hour. As much as I liked it*, no. I was referring instead to their original "I Travel" recording ca. 1980. Sorry for any confusion!

    * and I liked it a lot

  5. Gott Im Himmell!! I just finally got "Overpowered" last weekend! The first two cuts are so godlike, I'm having trouble listening to the rest of the album!! By the way, I got "Ruby Blue" almost two years earlier. It's impressive in very different ways from "Overpowered." Talk about an album that just jacks into the pleasure center in your brain and won't let go! How lame am I for not doing this six years ago?