Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Theo, Adam and the sirens of the sea

Single number three, "Stay", is about the be unleashed by melodramatic, English duo, Hurts. The song is accompanied by a production of epic proportions. I believe they call it bombast.

What did Theo and Adam do on their summer hols? They lensed a video for "Stay" at the seaside with beautiful women draped in gauze linens. How sophisticated.

Those boys are so moody. Crack a smile, lads. By the look of things, I think they may have watched one too many Ultravox vids.

"Stay" is another massive sounding tune. Their debut longplayer, "Happiness", is full of them. I suggest you splash a little cash for a copy. Totally worth it.


  1. Ironic that the album is called happiness isn't it?! I am loving Stay though. Such an obvious single and so glorious. I do wish they would cheer up a little bit though. I was meant to go and see them the other night and *GASP* forgot (hangs head in shame). This is the second concert i have forgotten (the first unforgiveably being a pet shop boys one) so i am now worried about early onset dementia. better try to remember to enjoy this tune while I can...

  2. I gotta tell you...ever since they remade the "wonderful life" video, I'm diggin' this band. "Better Than Love" is another really good track. This 45 yr old feels 19 again with their 80s infused beats and keyboards. I'm a fan!