Wednesday, October 20, 2010

one hit to the body

Robyn is a clever, little minx. She switched things up on us when we weren't looking.

The third installment of her "Body Talk" series is, in fact, a compilation of ten tracks from the two previous volumes with five new songs added to the tracklisting.

Furthermore, the elpee is simply titled "Body Talk". No suffix. No mention of a third part. Somehow I feel cheated. Maybe it's my expectations getting in the way.

The running order for "Body Talk" was revealed today along with the colorful artwork and curious design style typically associated with the series.

1. Fembot
2. Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love Kills
7. Hang With Me
8. Call Your Girlfriend
9. None Of Dem
10. We Dance To The Beat
11. U Should Know Better
12. Dance Hall Queen
13. Get Myself Together
14. In My Eyes
15. Stars 4-Ever

Still no studio version of "Hyperballad" or "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart". Missed opportunities, my Swedish sex kitten! Instead of adding all the previously released material, I think Robyn should have recorded the two covers and an acoustic version of "Dancing On My Own". That would've brought everything full circle.

I know what you're thinking. I am a marketing genius and Robyn should bring me in as a consultant for a big stack of cash. So glad we're on the same page.

It also appears that Robyn will be recording more new music in between her scheduled tours throughout the next year. Sounds like she's on a creative jag. Huzzah! But remember, darling - quality not quantity. Just make it bangin', babe.


  1. Let's start a record label. You can be "Director of Creative Marketing". I will be something lofty like "Vice President". No wait! "Junior vice president". Classy.

  2. @Paul - Then we can hire lots of assistants and have them do important things like getting us Starbucks and collecting our dry cleaning. It will be fabulous!

  3. The omission of Cry When You Get Older is inexcusable.