Monday, October 25, 2010

a better bet

Everyone's favorite Aussie pop rocket has thrown a little spanner in the works. Rather than plucking the title track of her current longplayer as her next single, Kylie Minogue has opted for the Nerina Pallot track, "Better Than Today". It was always rumored to be a single considering Kylie premiered it on last year's tour of North America.

No word on whether a re-released edition of "Aphrodite" will appear at the front end of next year when the self-proclaimed showgirl launches her "Les Folies" tour across Europe.

Second single, "Get Outta My Way", underperformed considering the massive television and press promotion around it. It certainly deserved better than a #12 placing in the UK singles chart.

Personally, I think they waited too long after the success of "All The Lovers". By the end of November, Kylie should've been up to the fourth single from "Aphrodite". Then a new song for a proposed, deluxified reworking of the album would've made sense after they had squeezed every last promotional effort from the original issue.

Remixes of "Better Than Today" have been completed by 7th Heaven. More reswizzling is to be expected from a few other production teams in the coming weeks.


  1. I'm still annoyed by what happened with Get Outta May Way. In Australia, they serviced it to radio stations and YouTube a full six weeks before it was released for sale; by that time, everyone had already downloaded it illegally and was totally over it. Remixes were OK but, chart-wise, it was one of the biggest flops she's EVER had in her home country. Unbelievable! I loved that song.

    Anyway, I hope this one fares better. Love ya Kylie!

  2. One of the less memorable songs on the album, but perhaps it'll sound more dynamic on its own. I was hoping for the title track.

  3. Absolutely agree. I think I said in my original review that all The lovers should be quickly followed by Get Outta My Way (Aug), Put Your Hands Up (Oct) and Aphrodite for Christmas. Same sort of release schedule that Light Years had. Bang Bang Bang. Oh well. Not going to happen now and sadly no way this will do as well as Get Outta My Way :( Though it is growing on me. It would be nice if Joe mcElderberry released his cover of Real Late Starter at the same time...

  4. It's kind of unusual to have a pop single that doesn't prominently feature the title in the chorus. I would think the song was called something like What's The Point Of Living if I didn't have the CD.

  5. Maybe it's just me, maybe I am aching for a time when artists put out a new album at least every 12 months, but I just don't get the point of releasing 4, 5, or 6 songs from an album as singles. Maybe it's because radio doesn't play deeply, excuse me, anything from an album that isn't a single anymore; maybe it's because many artist, pop artists, release producer generated songs and don't have the craft or the cash for more than one album every 24 months. I know we live in an iTunes world now and I certainly buy less albums than singles or "ep's", but two or three singles and then anticipation for a new album is still my favorite way to enjoy an artist.