Tuesday, October 12, 2010

this is hardcore

Well, it really comes as no surprise. Swedish siren, Robyn, has announced the release of "Indestructible" as the first single from "Body Talk Pt. 3". The song appears in acoustic form at the close of "Body Talk Pt. 2". She did the same with "Hang With Me", the first single from the second installment of the "Body Talk" series after it appeared acoustically on part one. She's a clever minx.

"Indestructible" will be released on November 22 followed by its parent elpee one week later. The final edition of the "Body Talk" trilogy will feature fifteen tracks. In a little twist, it will only including five new songs. The other ten tracks will be culled from parts one and two. That's a bit of a swindle. The five new tunes better be superior nuggets of pop amazingness.

I think lady Robyn should have included studio recordings of "Hyperballad" by Björk and "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" by Alicia Keys, both of which she performed live this year. It certainly would've made for a more compelling purchase than sticking previous released material on "Body Talk Pt. 3".


  1. Hurrah for the obvious and best single choice!

    Cheeky Part 3 release idea but makes me glad I held off on the parts 1 and 2 in case something like that happened.

  2. +1 for studio versions of Hyperballad and Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart!