Tuesday, March 30, 2010

minute Rice-Oxley

Keane have unveiled the new video they lensed for "Stop For A Minute", the lead track from their forthcoming EP thing, "Night Train".

It's not an album. It's a stop gap. It's a floor wax and a dessert topping. (You need to be a certain age for that last reference.)

It's srsly good stuff! Nice, widescreen, stadium chant. I like the call and response bits. It has a slight Roxy Music feel to it over a hip hop rhythm track with a splash of U2 woven through it. Nicely done, chaps!

The video gives me a bit of a headache with its sweeping, start/stop motion and morphing effects. I like the highly stylized look they were trying to achieve but the execution fell a bit flat.

Did they not have anyone to do Tom Chaplin's make up? He looks pale and spotty with blotches of razor burn showing. Are budgets for music videos that dire? Just stop at a Boots on the way to the shoot, darling!

Has anyone seen composer, Tim Rice-Oxley and drummer, Richard Hughes? Perhaps they knew they would be without a stylist that day and skipped out.

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  1. the band look shockingly ghastly. the music is much better than expected. I'm surprised it's made as little splash in the blogworld as it has, but i knew I could rely on you :)