Thursday, March 11, 2010

back to the future

Chicane returns with the follow up to "Hiding All The Stars" with "Come Back". The single, chock full of rubbery synths and a dirty, filtered loop, is scheduled to be released on April 12.

Where "HATS" incorporated the synth hook from Gary Numan's "Cars", "Come Back" samples another, 80s, classic jam in the shape of "Come Back And Stay", Paul Young's hit from 1983. Nick Bracegirdle, the man behind the Chicane name, lifts the chorus lock, stock and barrel. It even retains the background, vocal replies by The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts which made the original so unique.

As with the video clips for the previous, two singles - "Poppiholla" (an instrumental reworking of "Hoppípolla" by Sigur Rós) and "HATS" - the one which accompanies "Come Back" has a few, eyebrow raising moments. Case in point, the "French tickler" around the 1.48 mark.

Do you suppose a revival of the running man is in order?

No entry would be complete without a look back at the original videos that launch Paul Young's cheekbones into stardom.

Here's the rare, original music clip which has a couple of slightly disturbing moments. It's all a little too serious and dramatic for a Paul Young video. No wonder a second, more pleasing and somewhat wistful one was shot.

Here's the more popular, "seaside" version.

"Come Back" is taken from Chicane's forthcoming longplayer, "Giants". Paul Young's original hit features on his debut album, "No Parlez".

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  1. I've been a fan for Chicane for the past few years and my favorite to date is probably "Stoned In Love" with the one and only Tom Jones. Nick is just a great songwriter and knows damn well how to write a stellar pop song.