Tuesday, March 2, 2010

love and lasers

On April 12, six months after "Love Comes" reached the dizzy heights of #44 in the UK singles chart, Bananarama will unleash "Love Don't Live Here" which has been reswizzled from the version that appears on "Viva", their latest longplayer.

With operatic flourishes and dramatic strings, it's a towering dance track of epic proportions! Prepare to have a good boogie around your handbag.

"Love Don't Live Here" will be released on four formats - CD, 7", a good old fashioned groovy 12" and the sleek yet unsexy digital download bundle.

The CD will feature a new recording of their 1996 single, "Every Shade Of Blue".

The 12" will include an extended remix of "Love Don't Live Here" along with a remix of their cover of "The Runner" which was a #10 hit in the UK for The Three Degrees in 1978. Buzz Junkies turn in a supercharged, hi-NRG production of the disco classic.

The digital bundle is the best bang for you buck with all the mixes of "LDLH" and "The Runner" in one convenient chunk.

Keren and Sarah, for they are Bananarama, unveiled the video for "Love Don't Live Here" only days ago.

I can smell the amyl nitrate from here! The clip has a touch of "Voulez-Vous" about it, n'est-ce pas?

Come to think of it, the artwork for their album, "Viva", eerily evokes the same discotastic, laser loving, blue hued vibe.

Hands on hips everyone! It's a delicate balance between sexy and serious. Don't try this at home!


  1. you know when you and BananasMel were discussing what song would be rerecorded, i very nearly jokingly put Every Shade of Blue! I love that song!! Despite the lack of success for the lead off single, I think this is a marvelous track and glad it's a single with video :)

  2. Great single choice from this album. After years of periodic revisits of Cruel Summer, Venus and I Heard A Rumour, a new remix of Every Shade of Blue is a pleasant surprise. As for the new video and the general art direction for the Nanas current project, I say Viva ABBA-Rama!