Thursday, March 11, 2010

oh, the designers!

Tracey Thorn continues to come up with the goods. Can we all just agree that the sleeve designs for the campaign around her forthcoming album are pure genius?

First, let's revisit the album cover for "Love And Its Opposite".

Srsly magnificent!

Next to the artwork for "Bang Goes The Knighthood", the new album from The Divine Comedy, 2010 is clearly full of awesome. Designers take note. Be bold.

Even the horrid font would be completely tasteless if it wasn't so perfectly matched to the photo.

Now, take a gander at the single sleeve for "Oh, The Divorces!".


Who doesn't love frilly, tuxedo shirts in an assortment of rainbow colors?

The look is a bit reminiscent of Pulp's cover art from the 90s which was flamingly incredible.

Can we make up an award and present it to John Gilsenan, the esteemed designer of this stroke of utter brilliance? Work it out, Tracey!


  1. Those are some brilliant covers Tracey has going on there. The 70s one is aces. Love the fact that Mystique from the X Men movies is proudly showing her blue on cover one :)

  2. There is always something magical about Tracey, her music and those things that surround her.