Tuesday, March 9, 2010

things that go bang in the knight

On May 31, The Divine Comedy will release their tenth, studio longplayer “Bang Goes The Knighthood.” Huzzah!

Neil Hannon and his roaming band of troubadours spent most of 2009 recording the album in London and Dublin in between sessions for his side project, The Duckworth Lewis Method.

"Bang Goes The Knighthood" will be released on Neil’s own label, Divine Comedy Records, and will be available on four lively formats - standard CD, limited edition deluxe CD, limited edition vinyl and the increasingly popular, digital download.

The tracklisting for the album includes the following, twelve tunes.

1. Down In The Street Below
2. The Complete Banker
3. Neapolitan Girl
4. Bang Goes The Knighthood
5. At The Indie Disco
6. Have You Ever Been In Love
7. Assume The Perpendicular
8. The Lost Art Of Conversation
9. Island Life
10. When A Man Cries
11. Can You Stand Upon One Leg
12. I Like

The cover art is probably one of my all time favorites. It reminds me of cross between "The Avengers" and "Monty Python's Flying Circus". And who doesn't love a puppy in a bubble bath?

In TDC related news, Neil Hannon has previously mentioned that he wants to reissue the albums The Divine Comedy released during their tenure with Setanta. All five albums - "Liberation", "Promenade", "Casanova", "A Short Album About Love" and "Fin De Siècle" - will be remastered and expanded to include a raft of bonus tracks. Rumor has it the divine, deluxe editions will be released once marketing and promotion campaign winds down for "Bang Goes The Knighthood".

When Neil reissues "A Short Album About Love" with bonus material, will he have to rename it "A Long Album About Love"? Something to ponder.

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  1. I cannot wait for this. I was asked about a rumour of a new album just last week.

    Not sure I was the original albums to be issued with bonus tracks. Those albums are all special in their own way. From memory there won't be much to gain by the addition of B sides from the singles, other than curiosity value as I don't think the DC were one of those bands whose B sides were fantastic songs that didn't quite make the album cut.

    Regarding the new album I'm hoping Neil will have collaborated with Thomas Walsh on at least one track for this record. The man's a genius, hence the pair of them being able to pull off a brilliant album, which is meant to be lyrically about cricket- a sport I detest!

    I'm hoping to finally see Thomas's band Pugwash soon...