Saturday, March 20, 2010

future funk from Hue And Cry

Hue And Cry, one of my fave groups, have started working on the follow up to "Open Soul", the album that brought them back to the groovy pop machine after 16 years in the wilderness. The pop music biz can be a cruel bedfellow, kids!

Anyway, Pat and Greg Kane, for it is them that are Hue An Cry, grabbed today's technology by its tender throat and shook it for all its worth. They've embraced social media in a way most bands only dream of. Pat, an avid reader, political pundit, journalist and keen cultural observer, is constantly digging up new ways for him and his family to work and play.

On the dawn of development for their next longplayer, H&C have begun documenting the creative process. Let's have a look.

Mercy! Pat is a sexy number. I'll have to watch that clip a few more times. Purely for research, you see.

Srsly. I am very much looking forward to the next move for Hue And Cry. "Open Soul" still continues to be a favorite. Check out the video for "Fireball", one of the singles lifted from it.

If you like "Open Soul", do yourself a favor and spend a shekel or two on their first three albums from the late 80s/early 90s - "Seduced And Abandoned", "Remote" and "Stars Crash Down". You can thank me later.


  1. magnificent. i love it when pop stars continue from the 80s roots after the fame has faded (somewhat) - however not many continue to be creative and inventive which is what I get from Hue&Cry. Now you get back to watching that clip :P

    (Oh sad you weren't in England for XO's london get together)

  2. @Paul - Hue And Cry have really gotten into the fan interaction part of social media. Very exciting stuff. It can get very overwhelming and tedious on the part of the artist.

    I wish I had been in London for the festivities! No worries, though. I will be over in the next few months.