Saturday, January 29, 2011

on the seventh day

Theo and Adam are at it again. "Sunday", the fourth and presumably final single to be plucked from their debut longplayer, is scheduled to be released on Feburary 27. It will be available in three consumer friendly flavors.

The digital download configuration will feature remixes from Seamus Haji and Tom Flynn. The following is the full tracklisting. Only the Glam As You mix has surfaced on the interwebs thus far.

1. Sunday
2. Sunday (Seamus Haji Remix)
3. Sunday (Midland Remix)
4. Sunday (Tom Flynn Remix)
5. Sunday (Glam As You Radio Mix)

The CD single will include "Live Like Heroes", another non-album track. The 7" single will replace that track with the Seamus Haji remix.

I'm really pleased to see the label continuing to back Hurts' musical endeavors. Theo and Adam continue to tour behind their current album, "Happiness", and visit ever larger venues.

Even the cover art for each single has shown a level of style and sophistication that few acts are afforded these days. That leaves an even bigger question mark as to the reason for the album sleeve being such a design disaster. It smacks of a hamfisted, taste impaired label exec insisting it have a photo of the group on it and their name be emblazoned across the top in oversized type. That's what passes as "marketing" at labels these days.


  1. i can only echo how pleased i am that Hurts weren't given up on as so many acts with similarly charting performances have been. They've been allowed to blossom and build a fan base and this is excellent news :) Surely Devotion should be a single though!

  2. I seem to remember that in the US, Duran Duran's debut received a lukewarm reception - and it was only on relaunch with an extra track that they started to gain some momentum. Rio was the breakthrough. Lets hope that something like this happens for Hurts. What will always hold them back in the US is the lack of appropriate radio formats for their music.