Friday, January 7, 2011

everyday feels like Sunday

It appears out favorite moody duo of the moment are going to pluck another single from their debut longplayer! Hurts are rumored to be releasing "Sunday" as the follow up to "Stay" which crashed out in the UK singles chart at a lacklustre #50.

It's amazing that the label would choose to go four or even five singles deep from "Happiness". In ye olden days (ie. the 80s) it would have been expected.

So far, only the Glam As You remix of "Sunday" has appeared on the interwebs. It ups the tempo and makes it a more poppers o'clock affair with more than a passing resemblance to classic PSB.

My only criticism of "Happiness" is that it could have been served better by including a few more uptempo tracks. Perhaps the single version of "Sunday" will be reswizzled for radio play and popular consumption with a bit more thump in the bottom end. Ooh er, missus!


  1. I hear your desire for uptempo Hurts, but there is something really satisfying to this 47 year old when I hear young men performing melancholy pop with life weary lyrics! I loved those days when I thought I knew everything and had experienced it all - and 35 was middle age to me.

  2. i've always bypassed Sunday in my thoughts of singles from Happiness, but somehow this is now totally working for me. It's completely invigorated the track for me. I do love a bit of thump in the bottom end so fingers crossed for a single mix :)