Friday, January 21, 2011

here today, built to last

In honor of the 25th anniversary of "West End Girls" reaching #1 on the UK hit parade, Andy Connell from Swing Out Sister has produced a smooth, laid back, instrumental cover of the Pet Shop Boys' first smasheroo.

A fine tribute to a British institution! Hopefully, SOS will turn this into a full fledged vocal track on their next longplayer.

Regarding his latest recording, Andy recently said, "A quarter of a century ago "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys went to number one in the UK. We were just developing our sound at that time, and that record was a big influence on us. So, 25 years later, here's my little instrumental tribute."

If you think about it, some of Swing Out Sister's first clutch of singles like "Blue Mood", "Surrender" and even "Breakout", have similar production elements to some of PSB's early singles.


  1. Brilliant! Even a blind person could see that PSB were all about quality… a trait they obviously shared with SOS. One must remember that SOS were considered "electro" at the time of their genesis.

  2. Well now,THAT was a nice way to start my Sunday morning! Yes, I now NEED to hear Corrine sing this song...actually it would be great to hear those lyrics from a female point of view!

  3. Mmmmm SOS meets PSB! My Swing Out Sister recommendation is Alone which is a marvellous b-side that is quite long but just long enough. It's been on a compilation called Ultimate Collection which is a great good-looking set of discs.

  4. i remember hearing breakout back in 1987 and instantly recognising the opening chords as PSB inspired. so interesting to hear him confirm it 24 years later.