Monday, January 24, 2011

a little night music

Continuing on the Pet Shop Boys theme...

I've been waiting for "Night Song" to hit YouTube. It's the only track Neil and Chris have released from "My Dad's A Birdman", a children's play by David Almond. They graciously gave it away to members of their fanclub at the tail end of last year.

"Night Song" finds Les Boys in lush and lovely ballad mode. Neil sounds positively gorgeous.

The melody is tender and beautiful. The lyrics are terribly cute yet still quite smart. Perfect for children and parents alike. My favorite part is when Neil's backing vocals respond as the sound of singing swallows.

My only criticism is that the spoken bit around 2.18 sounds rushed. Of course, I'd love to hear "The Dumpling Song" and "Wings And Faith", the other tracks they penned for the play. "My Dad's A Birdman" spent its residence at the Young Vic in London from November 25, 2010 through January 1, 2011.

PSB's next foray into music accompaniment will be the score for their ballet, "The Most Incredible Thing". It will be available across a double CD set which is scheduled to hit the "shops" in March.

Performances of the ballet, choreographed by Javier De Frutos, will take place at Sadler's Wells in London, from March 17th through March 26th.

Guess who's making the transatlantic trip to see it? I will be tweeting, updating my Facebook status, uploading content to my blog and causing general mayhem at the final show. Watch this space, mes chattons!

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