Friday, January 22, 2010

rocket fuel

The new Goldfrapp single, "Rocket", finally leaked. It's a glorious, uptempo, neon slab of 80s synth pop. Some may call their forthcoming longplayer, "Head First", the "proper" follow up to "Supernature" after the more pastoral musings of "Seventh Tree".

If you ask me, I think they're simultaneously channeling Olivia Newton-John circa "Twist Of Fate" and "Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair)" by Sheena Easton. Simply amazing!

At the same time, I hear some Bucks Fizz in there, as well! Some have rightly pointed out that it has that synth sound that falls somewhere between "Jump" by Van Halen and "It's Alright" by Christopher Cross.

And the sleeve is pure "Xanadu". Who doesn't love pink jumpsuits? 1982 is all the rage, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. You forgot they're also referencing The Babys:

    Actually, everything you've referenced here makes me think, "yech!" ONJ/Sheena Easton/Van Halen/Christopher Cross/Bucks Fizz and yes, even The Babys (and add John Waite to the mix too, while you're at it…) are all phenomena I shrink from.

    I'm afraid. I'm very afraid.

  2. Brilliance! So subversive that we will all be following Ms. Golfrapp to gladly drink her Kool-Aid. The Lady Ga-Ga shrinks into the backround.