Monday, January 25, 2010

face value

>This March will see yet another regurgitation of hits, singles and mixes from Blitz Club faves, Visage. "The Face - The Very Best Of Visage", which we believe might be a reference to 80s hip mag, will feature all the usual suspects.

The collection is preceded by a 2010 remix of seminal track, "Fade To Grey". Michael Grey who has had massive, dance hits such as "The Weekend" and "Borderline", has given the epic and eerie, new romantic hit a solid reswizzle.

Sounds like Michael Gray stayed faithful to the original but toughened it up a bit for today's legion of club enthusiasts.

The album sleeve is quite nice, as well, with a suitably golden glam look complete with full, new romantic maquillage for Steve Strange. We would expect nothing less.

Here's the tracklisting for "The Face - The Very Best Of Visage", the third greatest hits collection from Visage in the last 25 years.

1. Fade To Grey (Michael Gray Mix 2010)
2. Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix)
3. We Move (Remix)
4. Tar
5. Fade To Grey
6. In The Year 2525
7. The Anvil
8. Night Train
9. The Damned Don't Cry
10. Love Glove (Single Version)
11. Pleasure Boys
12. Visage (12" Dance Mix)
13. Fade To Grey (12" Version)
14. Der Amboss
15. Fade To Grey (Lee Mortimer Remix 2009)

Four versions of "Fade To Grey"? I guess they needed to fill things out a bit.


  1. regardless of the endless remixes, the original Fade To Grey can't be beat - but 4 remixes on one album?? Bloody hell, they could have atleast put some new remixes of The Damned Dont Cry - someone like Tiesto should do Fade To Grey, really give it some anthemic punch.

  2. Ho Hum. I'll be much more interested in my Visage Boxed Set Of God ® - If I ever get it done...

    Whatever happened to Visage2?

  3. If you buy the digital version, there's another five mixes of Fade To Grey included. Talk about overkill.

    The frustrating thing about this release is that the label managed to put the album edit of Night Train on instead of the John Luongo single mix, which is infinitely better and was the version that earned the band their top 12 hit.

    Some of these compilations are a little lazy, however the artwork is splendid and worth it just for another chance to see Steve Strange digging out some more fab outfits.

  4. Tom in Portsmouth, NH (USA)August 14, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    Would REALLY love to download the digital version of this release so I could have all the FTG mixes but, alas, I live in the USA and I'm "restricted" from doing so. How VERY frustrating...nobody wants to take my money!
    If anybody knows of a work-around to this problem, or someplace where I can download these tracks from the USA, PLEASE let me know. It would be most appreciated. Thank you!