Thursday, January 7, 2010

a half dozen Danish

Danish sextet, Alphabeat, return with "Hole In My Heart", the second single from their second longplayer, "The Spell".

It's a dark and infectious, Italo house inspired pop nugget complete with plonky piano bits and little, electro blips and wooshes. The whole things builds to a fever pitch toward the end.

The track reminds me of the heady days of house and rave with records like "Ride On Time" by Black Box and "Keep Warm" by Jinny which is still a flat out, floor filling jam of epic proportions. Clearly, Alphabeat have found inspiration in that era of pop history.

Bizarrely, the album has been available in their home country since the back end of last year, but it isn't on the cards for UK release until February. Nice shot of the group on the super glossy, high fashion album sleeve. Alphabeat are the modern day equivalent of Animotion.

It looks like they splashed out a bit of ca$h on the video, too. (I stole the dollar sign from Ke$ha, by the way. Thanks, babe.)


  1. I remember "Innerspace" the Pet Shop Boys where Supposed to be on the Soundtrack but the Movie People Keeped changing the BPM to one scene. that their song submission did not happen.

  2. Love Alphabeat - a really gerat live Band too. And the boys in the abnd are too cute (and too tall) for words.

  3. sigh, loving this Alphabeat album. it's such a great tribute to the nineties while everyone else is stuck in the 80s (where it was acceptable at the time). Great second single, fingers crossed for DJ as the third...

  4. You just gave me an idea. (to quote you!) I am not $tephen $ear$

  5. The song the PSB recorded for Innerspace was Heart. If there hadn't been the mix up with the producers of Innerspace, the Shep Pettibone 7" of Heart (as heard on Actually Further Listening) would have been used in the dance sequence. Btw, great blog Vinny.

  6. @Anonymous - I completely forgot that the Shep Pettibone 7" of "Heart" was earmarked for that movie. SP was a master of mixes. Flawless stuff.

    Glad you like the blog. It's a blast to write!