Monday, January 18, 2010

if you seek my greasy kiss

So what do we make of the new Sugababes single, "Wear My Kiss"? Clearly the "brand" is pulling in as many pop references as possible.

Here's a preview of the CGI heavy video clip.

Firstly, I suggest Barry Gibb give the girls a jingle on the cellie. The first half of the chorus is clearly lifted from "Grease". Check out the clip of the Bee Gees performing their rendition of the song they wrote for Frankie Valli featured in the movie of the same name.

And for the first time, Sugababes sound like they're trying to ape one of Britney Spears' hits. Seriously, ladies, you've done better. Essentially, the intro to "Wear My Kiss" is nearly identical to "If U Seek Amy". Please note the evidence in the following clip.

On the other hand, Sugababes nearly, single handedly launched the mash up of pop references as the songwriting brief for some of their biggest hits. So, I might be way off base for calling them out on this one.

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  1. they seem to have gone down the madonna path of following trends rather than creating them. Nothing wrong in that per se, but I would expect (particularly considering the scrutiny they are under right now) for them to do something outstanding rather than perfunctory!!