Wednesday, January 13, 2010

preparing for pandemonium

Pet Shop Boys are always the beacon of good taste in a foggy sea of substandard design. Where would we be without their keen sense of artistic vision?

Together with long standing, packaging designer, Farrow, they have unveiled the cover art for their forthcoming DVD, "Pandemonium", which was shot live at the O2 Arena in London December 21, 2009.

The set list from the show featured the following performances:

1. More Than A Dream/Heart
2. Did You See Me Coming?
3. Pandemonium/Can You Forgive Her?
4. Love Etc.
5. Building A Wall
6. Go West
7. Two Divided By Zero
8. Why Don’t We Live Together?
9. New York City Boy
10. Always On My Mind
11. Closer To Heaven/Left To My Own Devices
12. Do I Have To?
13. King's Cross
14. The Way It Used To Be
15. Jealousy
16. Suburbia
17. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
18. All Over The World
19. Se A Vida É (That's The Way Life Is)/Discoteca/Viva La Vida/Domino Dancing
20. It’s A Sin
21. Being Boring
22. My Girl
23. West End Girls
24. It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas

"Pandemonium" will be available as a stand alone DVD and as a combination package featuring the DVD and a CD. The entire set list will feature on the DVD as featured above.

Bonus material on the DVD will include the music videos for "Love Etc.", "Did You See Me Coming?" and "All Over The World". Also featured will be their outstanding, 2009 Brit Awards Performance featuring Brandon Flowers from The Killer and Lady Gaga. An audio commentary by Chris Lowe, Neil Tennant and set designer, Es Devlin, detailing all the behind the scenes stories of the show and the tour will also be part of the extra goodies.

The tracklisting for the CD will be as follows:

1. More Than A Dream/Heart
2. Did You See Me Coming?
3. Pandemonium/Can You Forgive Her?
4. Love Etc.
5. Go West
6. Two Divided By Zero
7. Why Don't We Live Together?
8. New York City Boy
9. Always On My Mind
10. Closer To Heaven/Left To My Own Devices
11. Do I Have To?
12. King's Cross
13. Suburbia
14. Se A Vida É (That's The Way Life Is)/Discoteca/Domino Dancing/Viva La Vida
15. It's A Sin
16. Being Boring
17. West End Girls

The filming of the concert was handled by David Barnard who directed the "Cubism", the PSB live show from Mexico City in 2006. The CD and DVD soundtracks are being produced by Stuart Price.


  1. The cover is gorgeous, isn't it? I only wish they'd waited until touring Australia, NZ, & SE Asia before releasing this, as we haven't had the opportunity to see the show 'live', but...oh well. Can't wait to get another piece of PSB history!

  2. exciting stuff - and a concert that ends with It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas is very thrilling to me; that song dominated my December and still gets played now!

  3. I jumped up and down a lot during It's a sin. I think I might be very visible on that DVD. Erk.

  4. dvd sound mix was made by Dave Woolley,
    cd - by Stuart Price.
    mixes are different.

  5. Pet & Pandemonium

    So, can you see me, somewhere in there? I’m really glad the Pet Shop Boys are releasing their O2 Arena concert on DVD and live CD; it will bring back such good memories from a gig I almost didn’t make it to...