Monday, January 20, 2014

true Faith

Flame-haired songstress, Paloma Faith, returns with "Can't Rely On You", a taster from her forthcoming, third longplayer.

For her new single, Paloma has ditched the 60s pastiche which consumed her debut album and colored much of her sophomore effort. Now she sounds bang up-to-date, sexier and seriously ferocious. She's still completely bonkers. Not convinced? Check out the vid.

Oooh! Paloma looks a bit like Geri Halliwell at the start of it. What's with all the spooky, Italian intro? Very dark, indeed.

You can tell by the bits and beats that Pharrell Williams twiddled the knobs on the track. He's hooting and hollering all over it. It will be interesting to see if this raises Ms. Faith's fortunes in the charts.


  1. I think there's still something comfortingly retro about Ms. Faith's latest effort. Maybe it's the fact she can sing circles around her contemporaries in most every genre. I really like the James Brown stabs and horn banks. Maybe it sounds contemporary because we've let our standards down for so long when it comes to good pop...

  2. Paloma is a unique talent. Look forward to more from her!

  3. wait till you hear MK'S remix : ) i am loving it

  4. The song is a good direction for her but the video--conceptual to a fault? A true headscratcher. Gonna be hard to break the US market again with a video like that.